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If you’re a fan of golf, you know that any golf player is going to need a golf bag! It’s one of the most essential pieces of equipment there is when it comes to this sport. Have you ever wondered what companies make their golf bags in America? Maybe you want to buy local to support the economy, or maybe you’re just interested in where this stuff comes from, like me. Either way, this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for!


Which Companies Sell Golf Bags Made in America (The Short Answer)

Usually, this is the part where I’d say, “It took me a while to find this…” but I’ve gotta say—it was surprisingly easy this time! Of course, finding out which companies conduct their manufacturing in America is one thing, but getting all of the details you need? That’s the tricky part. I have found 6 companies that make their golf bags in the United States. Those companies are Sun Mountain, Belding USA, Flag Bag Co., Steurer & Jacoby, Jones Golf Bags, and Nelson Hill.

American-Made Golf Bags (6 Brands to Choose From)

There are so many options to choose from if you want to go all-American with your golf equipment! You certainly won’t have any difficulty finding what it is you’re looking for, no matter what style you’re after. You can find all of the details here—I’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Sun Mountain

Sun Mountain Golf Bags Made in USA

The first company on my list is Sun Mountain! The company was founded in 1981 by Rick Reimer. I can’t find anything about where the company was originally founded, but it was moved to Missoula, Montana in 1984.

Sun Mountain is notable for its Eclipse bag, designed in 1986, which was the first lightweight golf bag to include its own built-in stand. In 1990, the company began to produce and sell waterproof golfing outfits. More recently, in 2001 Sun Mountain debuted its EZ Fit harness, designed to make carrying golf bags easier.

Sun Mountain claims to be “a pioneer in the golf industry,” and with some of the company’s achievements, it’s easy to see why the directors would say that. In 1996, Sun Mountain sponsored both the President’s Cup and the Arctic Open, a financial decision that would see the firm’s popularity increase.

Sun Mountain manufactures all of its golf bags in a 15,000-square-foot factory at 301 N 1st St. W in Missoula, Montana.



Belding USA

Belding USA Golf Bags Made in USA

Belding USA was founded in 1965 by Jack Perrin and his wife, Illah Perrin. On their website, they talk about how their company has married the best of both worlds: Jack’s love for golf, and Illah’s artistic talent.

The duo got their start in manufacturing in the 1940s, developing the Perrin California line of leather camera and business cases, developed for the high-end market. Belding’s sole manufacturing facility (as far as I can tell) is located in a rather small facility, measuring just 9,900-square-feet, at 1610 Fiske Place in Oxnard, California.

When you look at the links I’ve posted below, you’ll see why this company is on people’s radars despite being so small! These are bespoke golf bags. Crafted out of leather, with some truly beautiful stitching—who wouldn’t want to buy this?



Flag Bag Co.

Flag Bag Co. Golf Bags Made in USA

FlagBag Golf Company was established in early 2020 by Josh Smith and his brother, Matt Smith. The idea for the company came from Josh. At the time, he worked as a Golf Course Superintendent.

The idea came from pin flags, which would ordinarily have ended up in the trash. Rather than throw them away, Josh Smith came up with the idea of using them to make golf bags! The golf bags made by FlagBag Golf Company are made almost entirely out of recycled golf flags.

The company is expanding its product selection, moving from only producing golf bags to also producing other accessories, including pouches, head covers, shoe bags, and duffel bags, to name a few. It has also entered into a partnership with Macdonald Leather Goods in order to reach a greater geographical range of customers.

Macdonald Leather Goods handles the manufacturing side of things—all Flag Bags are made by hand to the customer’s custom specifications. The manufacturing facility is located in Portland, Oregon.

In order to purchase from FlagBag Golf Company, you’ll need to call the firm directly and place an order over the phone. It is also possible to buy a gift card and redeem it for a bag at a later date.

FlagBag Gift Card

Steurer & Jacoby

I’m not sure why, but with a name like Steurer & Jacoby, I was expecting the company to have been founded in the late 1800s or something, but nope! This company was founded in the mid-1980s. It was originally the Royal Dublin Golf Company.

This firm was originally based in Springfield, Kentucky, though its headquarters are now in Louisville in the same state. The Royal Dublin Golf Company began its business manufacturing golf bags and inventing new styles.

Currently, the brand is manufactured by Firebird Group, Inc. All products are entirely made from products sourced in the United States, and are assembled in the United States as well. Leather is sourced from tanneries in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida.

The company’s waxed cotton duck canvas is sourced from fishing mills in New Jersey and North Carolina. Solid brass components are sourced from Massachusetts. The golf bags themselves are crafted in Louisville, Kentucky.

If you order from this company, you will receive your golf bag wrapped in a muslin cotton bag.



Jones Golf Bags

Jones Golf Bags Made in USA

Jones Sports Company was founded in 1971 in Portland, Oregon. Its founder, George Jones, was originally a taxi driver. He started his company out of his basement, selling the bags he made out of his car trunk.

The company states that its design ethos was eschewing unnecessary clutter and frivolous design in favor of minimalism and simplicity, while continuing to pay homage to traditional designs.

All of the golf bag designs released by Jones Sports Company since its inception have featured a circular bottom, a twisted handle, and a double zipper.

These products are manufactured at a decently sized factory (clocking in at 35,000-square-feet), located at 7250 Southwest Durham Road, in Portland, Oregon.

Trouper R – White

Original Jones – Kodiak

Nelson Hill

Nelson Hill Golf Bags Made in USA

Kansas City, Missouri

Nelson Hill is the newest on my list! This company was founded just three years ago in 2019, by Eric Riner. That’s not the only thing that makes this company unique. You see, I had a lot of trouble nailing down information like where the firm’s warehouses are located, or where staff source their materials from.

And it’s no wonder! It turns out that Eric Riner is the only employee of this company. He designs and makes all of the bags he sells with his own hands. I presume that he makes the golf bags he sells in his apartment, but I can’t be certain.

Nelson Hill is based somewhere in Kansas City. I have been unable to find a precise address. If you click on the product links I’ve included below, you’ll see that, despite being a one-man show, the golf bags produced by this company certainly aren’t lacking in style.

And it seems you won’t be left wanting when it comes to the components, either—Eric states that he uses leathers “widely considered to be among the finest in the world.” That and the knowledge that your golf bag was made by hand, by a single craftsman, with care, is sure to be a significant draw for many customers.

The Nelson Hill Original Golf Bag

NH Featherweight Golf Bag

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