Bird Feeders Made in the USA (Do They Exist?)


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Sitting back and watching birds at the bird feeder is nature’s reality tv. It offers us a way to watch birds up close and connect with their natural habitat. A sturdy, quality-built bird feeder will ensure birds return again and again to your feeder.


Which Brands Produce American Made Bird Feeders? (The Short Answer)

Upon doing some research I was able to find 5 companies that manufacture bird feeders in the USA. They are Aspects, Tree Bird Feeders, Coveside, Kettle Moraine WoodWorking, and Harry’s Bird Houses.

Are There Any Bird Feeders Made in the USA?(What I Was Able to Find)

Now that we have our brands, let’s look at each company in a little more detail.


Aspects is an “All American” company that proudly manufactures bird feeders in the USA at its facility in Rhode Island.

Aspect’s philosophy is a simple one: “manufacture the best feeders possible to ensure years of enjoyment to both the birds they are designed for and for the people who use them.“

All of its products are backed with a Lifetime Guarantee and the company states if you have any issues with any of its products, to call them directly and they will make it right. The company also supports independent retailers by never selling its products in deep discount outlets.

Aspects Bird Feeders Made in USA


Here are some links to its bird feeders:

Tree Bird Feeders

According to the Tree Bird Feeders site, it is a small veteran owned family run American business located in Missouri and all its bird feeders are made in the USA.

The developer of the Tree Bird Feeder is Steve Whitson, who has over 30 years of professional experience as a Wildlife Management Biologist. The company proudly boasts that it’s not a middleman nor does it use a middleman to sell its products. It uses cedar wood that is treated with non-toxic epoxy.

Tree Bird Feeders states that it tries to source all the purchasing of its supplies and parts locally as much as possible, ensuring that as much of its materials as possible are sourced from within the US.

Here are some links to Tree Bird Feeders’ products.


Since 1991, Coveside has been manufacturing sustainable Wildlife Habitats and feeders. The majority of its made-in-USA bird feeders are crafted of custom-milled, sustainably-grown Eastern White Pine from a selective mill in Maine called Robbins Lumber.

Robbins Lumber practices responsible forestry management by replanting trees that it has harvested to stop soil erosion and preserve wildlife habitats for years to come.

Coveside Bird Feeders Made in USA


Here are some links to its bird feeders.

Kettle Moraine WoodWorking

Kettle Moraine WoodWorking, located in Wisconsin has a collection of recycled feeders and nest boxes constructed from lumber that is made from recycled milk bottles.

These are American-made bird feeders. Kettle Moraine WoodWorking guarantees that these feeders and nest boxes last a lifetime.

It does have other feeders on their site that say they are made in the USA, but I could not find out exactly where its components come from.

Kettle Moraine WoodWorking Bird Feeders Made in USA


Here are a couple of links to its recycled bird feeders.

Harry’s Bird Houses

Since 1988, Harry’s has been selling individually hand-crafted bird feeders made in Oklahoma.

The company says that it builds and sells hand-crafted birdhouses for people who are serious about attracting birds to their yards.

Each piece is constructed to meet the requirements of The National Audubon Society and is individually designed and drawn up before the building begins.

Harry's Bird Houses Bird Feeders Made in USA


Here are some links to its bird feeders.

Honorable Mention

I came across one company that does operate in the US, however, since it works with different partners and other small businesses, I wasn’t able to determine which of its bird feeders are made in America. Here’s what I found.

Better Crafter

Better Crafter partners with US craftsmen to design quality bird feeders made in the USA. Their site says that its contact information is in New Jersey.

However, because it partners with different craftsmen, I could not confirm whether the parts for the actual bird feeders were sourced from within the US.

For those wanting to take a look at some of Better Crafter’s bird feeders for themselves, here’s a link to its company product page.

Better Crafter Bird Feeders Made in USA


Bird Feeders People Think Are USA Made, But Aren’t

I found one brand that people seem to confuse as being a solely US-based company. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case, here’s what I found.

I dug a little deeper and found information on Pennington Bird Feeders, with headquarters in Madison, Georgia. While the Cedar Feeders are handmade in Ohio by Amish and American master craftsmen, Pennington is included in the portfolio of Central Life Sciences which has both American & Canadian locations.

Central Life Sciences also purchased Wellmark International in 1997. I also found that Wellmark International may have had transactions in Asia as well, but I wasn’t able to confirm that.

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