Log Splitters Made in the USA (Have a Look At These)


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Log splitters have made cutting wood much easier. No longer do you have to cut things by hand, you can just pop in a log and have the hard work done for you. That said, are there any log splitters made in the USA? In this article, that’s what I’ll be looking at.


Which Brands Produce American Made Log Splitters? (The Short Answer)

American-made log splitters are actually fairly common. I found 9 companies that carry out at least some of their manufacturing in the USA. They are Wood Mizer, Wolfie Ridge MFG, Timberwolf, American Conveyors & Log Splitters, Swisher, Super Split, Power Dog, Blockbuster, and Brave.

Log Splitters Made In The USA (9 Companies To Look At)

Now that we know which companies manufacture log splitters in the USA, let’s take a look at each company in a little more detail.

Wood Mizer

Starting off this list we have Wood Mizer. It was founded in 1978 in Indianapolis and it is one of America’s most popular lot splitter companies. Not only is it a popular American company, but Wood Mizer also operates in 110 countries worldwide making it a far-reaching company.

With it being such a large company, it does conduct some of its manufacturing outside of the US. Wood Mizer has manufacturing facilities in the US and Poland. From the information I found, the company has one facility in Indianapolis, one in Batesville, Indiana, and then one in Kolo Poland.

Wood Mizer Log Splitters Made in USA


So, while it looks like most of Wood Mizer’s manufacturing takes place in the US, it is worth reaching out to the company to ensure that the model you are interested in is one that’s made in the USA. Here are Wood Mizer’s contact details.

Wolfie Ridge MFG

Wolfie Ridge MFG is a relatively new company having only been founded in 2015 but already it is making big waves in the log-splitting industry. The company offers some of the best American-made professional-grade log splitters on the market.

Its headquarters is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, this is also where it manufactures its products. From its log splitters to its firewood processing machines, it all takes place at the same facility.

Wolfie Ridge MFG Log Splitters Made in USA


As for Wolfe Ridge MFG’s log splitters, the company has 6 options to choose from, that said, out of the 6, only 2 of them are aimed toward regular consumer use. They are the RS Firewood Splitter and the 28 Pro Log Splitter. Here’s a link to all of its models for those wanting to see the whole range.


Timberwolf is an American firewood processing equipment specialist that produces all of its log splitters in the USA. Its log splitters are produced at its headquarters in Marathon, New York, and they are well known for being reliable machinery.

Timberwolf’s website is different from most other sites out there as it has videos on each of its products showing where they are made, how they are made, and how to use them. This makes things easier for those who don’t know all that much about the inner workings of log splitters.

In total, Timberwolf offers 6 different options when it comes to wood splitters, they are as follows.

American Conveyors & Log Splitters

With a name like American Conveyors & Log Splitters, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that this company is a proud American manufacturer. It is located in Honeoye, New York, and from what I found, it looks like this is where the company manufactures its log splitters.

American Conveyors & Log Splitters


American Conveyors & Log Splitters’ log cutters are commercial-grade machines that are built to last a long time. Some customers have stated that their machines have lasted decades and aren’t showing any signs of breaking any time soon.

The company’s log splitters range in size and power, so there’s bound to be a log splitter to suit almost everyone’s needs. Here are a few of its log splitter options.


Swisher was founded in 1945 and it is one of the largest companies on this list. It manufactures mowers, ESP safety shelters, and log splitters. The company’s headquarters is located in Warrensburg, Missouri, and according to Swisher’s official Linkedin account, it proudly manufactures its products in the USA.

Swisher Log Splitters Made in USA


After doing a little digging, it looks like Swisher is one of the largest outdoor machinery companies out there that still conducts all of its manufacturing within the US, which is very impressive.

At the time of writing this article, Swisher has two different log splitters available for purchase, they are the 34 Ton Timber Brute 14.5 HP Commercial Grade Log Splitter and the 22 Ton Timber Brute Exo Split 120 Volt Electric Full Frame Log Splitter.

Super Split

Super Split was founded in 1978. The owner of the company was given the patent for the first-ever kinetic log splitter from his father, he made good use of the patent and began manufacturing high-quality lot splitters. Fast forward to today and the company is a prominent and proud American manufacturer.

Super Split Log Splitters Made in USA


It is a family-owned and operated business that manufactures its products by hand. The company has no automated machines or assembly lines, it takes its time and puts plenty of care and attention into each product ensuring that every one of its log splitters will stand the test of time.

Unfortunately, you can’t order a log splitter directly from its website, you need to fill out an order inquiry form and wait for a response from the company directly. Here’s a link to Super Split’s order inquiry page.

Power Dog

Power Dog is a power equipment company that has been manufacturing its products in the US for more than 10 years. Its manufacturing facility is located in Nappanee, Indiana, and while it might not be the biggest company on this list, its log splitters are very popular machines across the whole of the US.

Power Dog Log Splitters Made in USA


Power Dog’s website has everything you need to buy, learn, and assemble one of its log splitters. Here’s a link to their Quick Split Log Splitter.


Blockbuster has been going strong for more than 40 years. It is an American-made company that produces some of the finest wood processors on the market. Each of its products is manufactured at its facility located in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and it ships its log splitters to people all over the world.

Blockbuster Log Splitters Made in USA


Blockbuster’s log splitters are low maintenance, and easy to set up, and all the components are easily accessible, this makes it the perfect choice for those wanting a reliable and easy-to-use log splitter.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, Blockbuster wasn’t taking any new orders for log splitters due to a high volume of orders. Hopefully, by the time this article is live, the company will be back to taking orders again. Here’s a link to its log splitter page.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot of information that I could access regarding this company. But from what I did find, Brave is an American lot splitter manufacturer that conducts its manufacturing at a facility in the American Midwest.

Brave Log Splitters Made in USA


Brave manufactures more than just log splitters, it makes cement mixers, trenchers, and more. It is a pretty well-known company and its products seem to receive mostly glowing reviews from customers, so they must be doing something right!

For those wanting to check out some of Brave’s log splitters, here’s a link to its product page on the GNE brand website.

Honorable Mention

I came across one company that didn’t quite make it onto the list above. This was because it states on its website that some of its components are imported, but it doesn’t state where they are imported from. Here’s what I found.

Iron and Oak

Iron and Oak was founded in 1982 and it is based in Renville, Minnesota. According to its website, each of its lot splitters is welded & assembled at its facility in Renville.

As for its components, according to the company’s about us section, its components are imported, but it didn’t state exactly where its components come from. So, if you are looking at purchasing a log splitter from Iron & Oak then I’d recommend getting in touch with the company directly and enquiring about its manufacturing processes. Here’s a link to its contact page.

Iron and Oak Log Splitters Made in USA


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