Laminate Flooring Made in Germany (What My Research Turned Up)


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When buying laminate flooring, only the best will do. Germany is well known for its high-quality manufacturing and in this article, I’ll be looking at German laminate flooring brands that manufacture their flooring in Germany.

Some readers may feel like there are a couple of brands missing from the list below. Companies like Eurostyle don’t make the cut as they don’t actually manufacture the products, they buy them from German manufacturers. Only companies that manufacture laminate flooring made in Germany make it on the list.

That said, if there are any companies that have been missed then leave a comment below as we like to keep our articles up to date and accurate.


German Laminate Flooring Brands – Are There Any? (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I found a few companies that offer German made laminate flooring. They are Kronotex, Classen International GMBH, Meister, and Moderna.

German Made Laminate Flooring (4 Manufacturers)

Now that we know which companies manufacture laminate flooring in Germany let’s look at each company in a little more detail.


Kronotex was established in 1993 and It is a part of the well-known company Swiss Krono. Kronotex is a German-based company, although its parent company is based in Switzerland. The company employs over 800 employees at its facility in Heiligengrabe, Germany to manufacture its products and it is one of the leading laminate flooring companies in Europe.

Kronotex Laminate Flooring Made in Germany


On the Kronotex website, there’s a whole page dedicated to helping you find the perfect flooring. On top of that, it offers numerous videos regarding everything from laying laminate flooring to maintaining it. Here’s a link to its laminate flooring guide.

As for its laminate flooring options, Kronotex has a lot to choose from. Here’s a link to its laminate flooring product page for those wanting to take a closer look.

Classen International GMBH

Founded in 1962 Classen International or Classen Group is a well-known flooring company that produces high-quality laminate and vinyl flooring. Classen Group works sensibly and sustainably to ensure both a high-quality product and a greener future.

From what I understand, it looks like Classen Group’s laminate flooring is 100% German-made. According to the company’s about us page, its laminate is produced at a facility located in Baruth, Germany.

Classen International GMBH Lamniate Flooring Made in Germany


For those wanting to check out some of Classen Group’s German-made laminate flooring, here’s a link to its laminate page containing all the information you’ll need.


Meister is a German company that manufactures all of its laminate flooring in Germany. The company also offers moldings, panels, and various other things but for this article, we will be focusing solely on its laminate flooring.

Meister Laminate Flooring Made in Germany


Meister’s laminate flooring is made up of 95% natural resources, it is durable, stain resistant, scratch resistant, and it doesn’t lose its color over time. Add that to the fact that it’s German made and you’ve got yourself some incredibly well-made laminate flooring.

Meister manufactures lots of different laminate flooring lines, here’s a link to its laminate flooring product page, and here are a few options for you to check out.


Moderna dates back to 1930 when it started out as a small one-man carpentry workshop. Over the years the company evolved to become the well-known flooring, stairs, wall, and ceiling brand that it is today.

It was rather tricky finding out where Moderna manufactures its flooring. I couldn’t find out its specific manufacturing facilities, but I was able to find a little made in Germany image underneath the laminate flooring options that I looked at.

Moderna Lamniate Flooring Made in Germany


It is worth keeping in mind that I didn’t check out all of Moderna’s laminate flooring options as there are quite a lot to look at! Just be sure to look for the made in Germany image at the bottom and you should be good to go.

Here’s a link to Moderna’s laminate flooring page for those wanting to take a closer look.

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