Kitchen Scales Made in Germany (4 Brands)


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With manufacturing typically being carried out by the cheapest countries, it can be difficult to find a quality kitchen scale that isn’t made in countries like China. So in this article, I will be looking at quality kitchen scales made in Germany.


Which Companies Sell Kitchen Scales Made in Germany? (The Short Answer)

After doing some research I was able to find four companies that produce kitchen scales made in Germany. They are Soehnle, Ade, Beurer, and Kern.

A List of German Made Kitchen Scales (4 Brands)

Now that we know which brands manufacture kitchen scales in Germany, let’s look at each company in a little more detail.


Founded in 1886 by Wilhelm-Soehnle-Straße, Soehnle is a company that focuses solely on producing high-quality kitchen scales. The company has lines of scales for medical use, professional use, and casual consumer scales.

As for manufacturing location, Soehnle manufactures most of its products in Germany. Its headquarters is located in Backnang. Soehnle believes in keeping production local which helps to create jobs for people around Germany and ensures high-quality production.


Soehnle is one of the largest scale manufacturing companies in Europe with over 3000 products available for purchase.

A lot of these products are made for the medical industry and other professional sectors. However, Soehnle produces a wide range of kitchen scales aimed at consumer use. Some of those scales include:


Founded in 1935 in Hamburg, Germany, Ade started by manufacturing steelyard scales. They have since expanded to become one of Germany’s largest scale manufacturing brands.

All of Ade’s products are manufactured at its facility located in Neuer Höltigbaum, Germany. It has always been a brand that works, designs, and produces its products in Germany.

Ade produces scales for all types of businesses and sectors, this includes kitchen scales for consumer use. Some of the scales that Ade manufactures include the following:


This family-owned electrical device company was founded in Ulm, Germany in 1919. These days Beurer produces many different lines of products, which include a handful of kitchen scales.

According to the Beurer website, its products are all made in Germany. However, upon doing some digging I was able to find that some production is carried out in Hungary. But that production didn’t include kitchen scales, meaning that Beurer’s kitchen scales are all made in Germany.


Beurer has picked up many awards over the years for its quality products. This includes German Design Awards, German Brand Awards, and Digital Champions Awards.


Finishing off this list we have Kern. Kern is a weighing and measuring company that primarily caters to professional industries. However, it does manufacture one kitchen scale, hence why it made this list.

Kern was founded in 1884 in Albstadt, Germany. The company has been manufacturing various weighing and measuring devices since the very beginning of its creation, making it one of the oldest scale companies in Germany.

It seems like all of Kern’s manufacturing takes place at its factory located in southern Germany, although I couldn’t find any more information about its manufacturing location. The kitchen scale that Kern produces is the Kern FGE 5K -3

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