Hunting Boots Made in the USA (Are There Any?)


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Hunting boots are an essential part of a huntsman’s attire. Not only do they help you to blend into your surroundings, but they also keep your feet dry and warm. With so many companies choosing to manufacture overseas, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find American-made products. But is this true for hunting boots? Well, in this article, I’ll be looking at hunting boots made in the USA.


Brands That Sell USA Made Hunting Boots (The Short Answer)

After lots of research on American made hunting boots, I found 7 companies that manufacture them. They are Rocky Boots, Russell Moccasin, Wolverine, Carolina Shoe, Danner, Gokey, and John Calden Boots.

Hunting Boots Made in the USA (7 Options To Choose From)

Now that we know which companies offer American-made hunting boots let’s look at each one in some more detail.

Rocky Boots

Rocky Boots was founded in 1932. Over the years, the company has undergone a few name changes and appearance tweaks, but it has always been a manufacturer of high-quality boots.

Rocky Boots products are mostly made in the USA. However, like many other companies out there, it does rely on some globally sourced components. That said, it does source components and materials from within the US whenever possible. The company’s headquarters is located in Nelson, Ohio, and from what I understand, it looks like its headquarters is also its manufacturing facility.

Rocky Boots Hunting Boots Made in USA


The company offers footwear for hiking, accessories for the outdoors, and of course, hunting boots. Here’s a link to its hunting boot product page, and here are a few of its best-selling hunting boots for you to check out.

Russell Moccasin

Russell Moccasin has been producing handmade hunting boots in the same location for over 108 years. Its hunting boots have been worn by kings, celebrities, and even presidents making it a very well-established company.

It manufactures all of its hunting boots in a building on Franklin Street in Berlin, Wisconsin. The company is very proud of its heritage and has no plans on moving its production anywhere else any time soon.

Russell Moccasin Hunting Boots Made in USA


At the time of writing this article, Russell Moccasin offers 4 pairs of hunting boots. They are as follows.


Wolverine’s story began back in 1883 when G.A. Krause founded a small leather tannery in Michigan. It wasn’t long until the company started building up a reputation for producing high-quality boots. Fast forward to today and it has sold hunting boots to happy customers all over the world.

Today the company seems to manufacture a lot of its boots at its facility in Rockford, Michigan. I couldn’t find any evidence pointing to the company manufacturing overseas so I feel like it’s safe to say that if you buy from Wolverine, then you’ll receive American-made hunting boots.

Wolverine Hunting Boots Made in USA


Carolina Shoe

Carolina Shoe was founded in 1963. The company offers footwear for work, hiking, hunting, and more. Carolina Show is very proud of its products as it uses nothing but high-quality materials and components thus ensuring a quality finished product.

The company offers 33 different footwear options that are made in the USA. Its American-made footwear is produced at the company’s manufacturing facility in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania.

Each pair of boots is handcrafted by a professional leather artisan to ensure an excellent standard of manufacturing. It’s worth noting that while Carolina does produce some boots in the USA, it does rely on some components from overseas in order to produce its American-made footwear.

Carolina Shoe Hunting Boots Made in USA


Luckily, to make things easier, Carolina Shoes has put a little made in the USA icon next to each of its American-made shoes to make them easier to find. Here’s a link to the company’s product page, just be sure to keep an eye out for that little icon.


Danner is an American company that dates back to 1932. Since its inception, the company has been hyper-focused on manufacturing high-quality footwear in the USA.

American craftsmanship is something that Danner is really proud of. Since 1932 it has been manufacturing footwear by hand in Portland, Oregon. The company knows that there are lots of people out there who like purchasing locally-made products and that’s what Danner caters to.

That said, not all of Danner’s products are American-made, some are made overseas. However, it clearly states in each product specification whether a product is American-made or imported. So, be sure to check the product specification prior to making a purchase to make sure that the pair of boots you like is American-made.

Danner Hunting Boots Made in USA


Danner offers hunting boots for men and women. It also offers socks that are specially made to wear alongside your hunting boots. Here’s a link to the company’s hunting boot product page. As mentioned above, just double-check the product specification to ensure that the boots you like are American-made.


Gokey is a boot, shoe, and luggage manufacturer that’s been going strong since 1850. The company manufactures its footwear at a facility in Missouri. Each of its boots is handmade using some of the finest materials on the market.

The company also offers custom-made footwear for those wanting something a little more unique. As for its hunting boots, they are durable, comfortable, and made using nothing but high-quality materials. Here are a few of its hunting boots for you to check out.

John Calden Boots

Finishing off this section we have John Calden Boots. Founded by John Calden, the company has been manufacturing custom boots for rough terrain since the 70s. It’s a small company yet it offers some of the best American-made hunting boots on the market.

The company’s facility is located in Estes Park, Colorado and from what I understand, it looks like the company manufactures all of its products at this location. For the most part, John Calden Boots’ products are all made to order, this means that you are guaranteed a pair of boots to fit you perfectly. Here’s a link where you can find out more about ordering a pair of its American-made hunting boots.

Honorable Mention

I came across a company that was featured on numerous ‘Made in America’ lists. While it is true that the company in question does manufacture some of its products in the US, its hunting boots are made overseas. Here’s what I found.


Filson is a well-known American clothing and footwear company. It was founded in Seattle, Washington back in 1897. Over its more than 100-year history, the company has been producing clothing and footwear for workers, miners, anglers, and hunters.

I came across numerous third-party articles claiming that Filson’s hunting boots are all American-made. Well, after checking out Filson’s FAQ section, it turns out that some of the company’s products come from China and India. After taking a look at each of the company’s hunting boots, it clearly states in the product description that they are imported from overseas.

I am unsure as to why so many third-party articles have this clearly false information on their websites. After all, Filson is very clear and open regarding its manufacturing locations.

Filson Hunting Boots Made in USA


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