Hot Tubs Made in the USA (I Found These Options)


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A hot tub is a luxury item that is steadily becoming more affordable as time goes on. However, with many companies outsourcing production to China to save on costs, it can sometimes have a negative impact on the overall quality of a product. In this article, I’ll be finding out if there are any hot tub manufacturers in the USA.


Which Companies Sell Hot Tubs Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After doing some research, I was able to find quite a lot of different American hot tub manufacturers. They are Bullfrog, Cal Spas, Master Spas, Dynasty Spas, Evergreen Softub, Thermospas, Dimension One Spas, Artesian Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs, and Dimension One Spas.

American-Made Hot Tubs (9 Brands to Check Out)

With our brand names at hand, let’s take a look at each American hot tub manufacturer in a little more detail.


Founded in 1996, Bullfrog is an American-made hot tub company that manufactures luxurious hot tubs and outdoor spas. The company has numerous dealers located throughout the US and Canada.

As for the company’s manufacturing, Bullfrog hot tubs are all made at its manufacturing facility located in Utah.

Bullfrog Hot Tub Made in USA


Their manufacturing facility is also the company’s headquarters. This facility is a fairly new one, it has only been in use since 2018. Despite the company’s rapid growth, it remains true to its roots and continues to be an American hot tub manufacturer.

Bullfrog spas and hot tubs are all made using the highest quality materials to minimize the risk of leaks, wear and tear. The company offers a wide range of tubs that come in all shapes and sizes so instead of linking to a handful of them, here’s a link to the company’s product page for those wanting to take a closer look.

Cal Spas

Cal Spas was founded in 1979. What started as a fairly small business soon expanded to become the giant that it is today. The company has moved locations to larger facilities several times throughout its history to keep up with demand. However, the company has always remained an American manufacturer.

The company boasts more than 250 different product models along with thousands of customizable options, so there’s bound to be a hot tub that will suit your needs. Cal Spas work to the highest standards possible, with the company testing every product to the highest industry standards. This makes Cal Spas hot tubs fantastic value for money as they are built to last a very long time.

Cal Spas has received multiple awards over the years for its high-quality, luxurious hot tubs. This includes a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy Award, Vesta Award, and being named Best of Class by PoolandSpa.

Cal Spas produces several different lines of hot tub. Each line has countless customizable features and styles. The company’s hot tub lines are as follows.

At the time of writing this article, Cal Spas hot tubs are manufactured at the company’s headquarters located in Pomona, California.

Cal Spas Hot Tub Made in USA


Master Spas

Master Spas is a company that manufactures 100% of its products in the US. The company has been in the hot tub and spa industry for over 25 years and producing its products in the US is something very important to Master Spas, so it’s safe to say that it will remain an American manufacturer for many years to come.

Master Spas Hot Tub Made in USA


All of Master Spas’ manufacturing is carried out at its headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The facility is a state-of-the-art 530,000-square-foot manufacturing facility located on a 36-acre campus. Master Spas is the largest portable spa, swim spa, and hot tub manufacturer in the world.

Master Spas offers a very extensive range of hot tubs. Most of the company’s hot tubs come with various features that can be customized by the customer. Since the company’s product list is very large, instead of highlighting a couple of its models, here’s a link to the company’s product page.

Dynasty Spas

Dynasty Spas was founded in 1995. It’s an American-founded company that still manufactures its products in the US to this day. The company has a wide distribution network, with more than 500 dealers located in countries all over the world.

Dynasty Spas Hot Tub Made in USA


As for manufacturing, Dynasty Spas hot tubs are manufactured at a large facility located in Athens, Tennessee.

Dynasty Spas produce a wide range of hot tub lines. This includes the following.

Evergreen Softub

This entry is a little different. From what I was able to find, Softub is its own brand and Evergreen is the largest distributor for the Softub brand. I was unable to access the official Softub website, so all of the information for this one comes from the Evergreen website.

Softub has been in business since 1986 and is one of the top-rated hot tub manufacturers in the US. As for the company’s manufacturing, it all takes place across two different manufacturing facilities. There’s one in Poway, California, and the other one is in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Evergreen Softub Hot Tub Made in USA


Softubs offer many advantages over standard acrylic tubs. Softubs plug into regular household outlets, so there’s no need for special electrical converters. Installing a Softub can be done in just a few minutes by a single person, whereas most standard hot tubs need a crew to assemble and plumb in the product.

Softubs can also be moved very easily and do not require any special tools. There are many more features that Softubs have, here’s a link to a more detailed look at them.

Softubs are available in four different sizes. They are as follows.


ThermoSpas has been going strong since 1983, although it wasn’t until 1995 that they started selling hot tubs for regular consumer use. ThermoSpas is very proud of its American heritage, it has always been an American manufacturer, and it manufactures its products at its 140,000-square-foot facility in Wallingford, Connecticut.

ThermoSpas Hot Tub Made in USA


Over the years, ThermoSpas has picked up numerous awards for its high-quality hot tubs and spas. These awards include an NSPI INSPIRE Award and a Better Business Bureau Consumer Education Award.

ThermoSpas has 20 different lines of hot tubs. This includes the following.

Nordic Hot Tubs

Nordic Hot Tubs operates in the US and not in Scandanavian countries as one might guess from the company’s name. Nordic’s products are produced at its factory located on Patterson Avenue in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The company has quite a lot of model lines, and its hot tubs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. From small round tubs that fit two people to large rectangle tubs that can fit up to eight people. The company’s product range is pretty extensive. Here’s a link to the company’s product page for those wanting to take a closer look.

Nordic Hot Tubs offers a fantastic warranty on a lot of its hot tubs. This includes a 5-year limited warranty on heating elements, a 3-year limited warranty on components, a 3-year limited warranty on leaks, and more. Here’s a link to the company’s warranty information.

Artesian Spas

Artesian Spas is an American-based company, its headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and this is also where the company manufactures its products. The company was founded in 1993 and has always been a hot tub and spa producer.

Artesian Spas Hot Tub Made in USA


The company produces a fairly wide range of hot tubs and outdoor spas. It also offers its own design-your-own hot tub service, which is particularly great for those wanting to create their own hot tub.

As for some of the company’s models, they have multiple luxurious hot tubs that are available for purchase. Here are just a few of the company’s hot tub models.

Dimension One Spas (Possibly)

Dimension One Spas is an award-winning hot tub brand that’s been going strong since 1977. The company is well known for its high-quality and long-lasting hot tubs and spas.

The company’s headquarters is located in Carlsbad, California, and from what I could find, it seems like this is where the company manufactures a lot of its products. However, I was unable to find much more information about the company’s manufacturing, hence why I put a ‘possibly’ label on this entry.

As for the products, Dimension One Spas produces a wide range of hot tubs and outdoor spas. So, instead of listing a couple of them below, here’s a link to the company’s product page where you will find all of its hot tubs.

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