Hot Tubs Made in Canada (Are There Any?)


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Hot tubs are very sought-after luxurious items. These used to only be obtainable by the wealthiest among us. However, as time has gone on, hot tubs have become more affordable meaning that more people are opting to invest in their own hot tubs. In this article, I’ll be finding out if there are any Canadian-made hot tubs out there.


Which Brands Offer Hot Tubs Made in Canada? (The Short Answer)

Some readers may be surprised to learn that there are actually a few Canadian hot tub manufacturers out there. They are Canadian Hot Tubs, Beachcomber, Arctic Spas, Coast Spas, Hydropool Hot Tubs, Sunrise Spas, and Sun Ray Spas.

Canadian-Made Hot Tubs (I Found These)

Now that we know which companies are Canadian hot tub manufacturers, let’s take a look at each company in a little more detail.

Canadian Hot Tubs

Canadian Hot Tubs has been manufacturing hot tubs since 1976. It is a Canadian manufacturer that produces all of its products at its facility located in Kitchener, Ontario. Canada.

Canadian Hot Tubs


The company manufactures a wide range of hot tubs. From therapy tubs to indoor tubs and everything in between. Its hot tubs are all hand-crafted and built to the highest standard possible.

Canadian Hot Tubs has two main hot tub categories. They are Cedar Hot Tubs and Total Therapy Hot Tubs. Inside the Cedar Hot Tub category are numerous options, sizes, and designs for you to choose from.


Beachcomber was founded by the Scott family in 1978. All of Beachcomber’s manufacturing takes place at its facility located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. The company is a family-owned business that spans 3 generations.

Beachcomber Hot Tub Made in Canada


Beachcomber also has three large development stations. Each of these development centers is located in Canada, the entire company carries out all work, designing, and manufacturing in Canada.

The company works hard to produce only the highest quality hot tubs. Its hot tubs go through 50 different precision and performance tests to ensure that each hot tub is durable, strong, and built to last a very long time.

Beachcomber offers a large selection of hot tubs. This includes the following.

Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas was founded in 1994 in Thorsby, Alberta, Canada. Arctic Spas hot tubs are designed by expert engineers to ensure that their tubs can withstand some of the harshest weather that your hot tub might experience.

Arctic Spas have accumulated multiple awards over the years for its high-quality services. The most recent one was an Alberta Business Awards of Distinction in 2022.

As for the company’s manufacturing, Arctic Spas manufactures its products in a facility near Edmonton. Alberta, Canada. Its products are then shipped to more than 25 countries worldwide where they are then sold to its customers.

Arctic Spas Hot Tub Made in Canada


The company offers a wide selection of hot tubs and outdoor spas. Here are just a few of the company’s hot tubs for those wanting to take a closer look.

Coast Spas

Coast Spas has been in business for more than 20 years. The company is based in Langley BC, Canada. This is where its manufacturing takes place. Coast Spas advertises itself as the company that offers the “World’s Best Built Spas.”

Coast Spas Hot Tub Made in Canada


Over the years, Coast Spas has accumulated lots of awards for its high-quality hot tubs. This includes being named Canada’s Best Managed company by Deloitte and Touche, a Business of The Year Award, multiple Best of Class awards by PoolandSpa, and much more.

Coast Spas offer four main hot tub collections, and in each of these collections, there are many different models and sizes. The four collections are as follows.

Hydropool Hot Tubs

Hydropool Hot Tubs is an internationally recognized company that operates in more than 60 countries worldwide. The company’s main headquarters is located in Mississauga, Canada. This location is also where the company’s manufacturing takes place.

Hydropool Hot Tubs Made in Canada


The company has accumulated a plethora of awards over the years for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. This includes a Design Concept Award For Spa Excellence, an Aqua Choice Award for Design, and much more.

Hydropool Hot Tubs offers two award-winning hot tub collections. They are as follows.

Sunrise Spas

Sunrise Spas has been operating for more than 30 years. The company has sold hot tubs to people in more than 30 different countries. This brand is very well known for its luxury hot tubs and spas.

Sunrise Spas manufactures its products entirely in Canada. Its manufacturing facility is located in Grimsby Ontario, which is where all of the company’s manufacturing takes place.

Sunrise Spas Hot Tub Made in Canada


The company works hard to ensure that its products are durable, luxurious, affordable, and energy efficient. According to the company’s website, its hot tubs can last a lifetime.

Sunrise Spas have two main hot tub collections, they are the Classic Collection and the Sunrise Swim Collection. It also offers a build-your-own hot tub service and has an online tool to help you design your perfect hot tub.

Sun Ray Spas

Finishing off this list we have Sun Ray Spas. It’s been in business since 1993 and it produces gazebos, patio furniture, and hot tubs. Sun Ray Spas is a 100% Canadian company. All of its products are manufactured at its facility located in Edmonton, Canada.

Sun Ray Spas Hot Tub Made in Canada


Sun Ray Spas has seven different hot tub lines, each one of these lines is available in various sizes, and each model has the capacity for extra features that can be added. The hot tub lines are as follows.

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