Hiking Boots Made in Italy (5 Brands)


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Italy is known for fine wines, beautiful historical buildings, and high-end luxury cars. But what most people don’t know is that Italy is home to a few footwear brands. In this article, I’ll be looking at Italian-made hiking boots.


Brands that Sell Hiking Boots Made in Italy? (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I came across 5 Italian hiking boot brands that manufacture products in Italy. They are La Sportiva, Scarpa, Zamberlan, Aku, and Fitwell.

Italian-Made Hiking Boots (Check These Out)

Now that we know which brands manufacture Italian-made hiking boots, let’s look at the companies behind the brands and find out more about them.

La Sportiva

La Sportiva was founded in 1928 in Dolomites, Italy. The company started by crafting wooden and leather boots by hand for lumberjacks and farmers. Since then, La Sportiva has grown to become a large outdoor clothing brand that is recognized all over the world.

Today, La Sportiva products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. The company produces everything from skiing equipment and winter clothing to athletic shoes and hiking boots.

At the time of writing this article, La Sportiva manufactures around 60% of its products at its facilities in Italy. The company also manufactures products in Vietnam and China. But over half of the company’s manufacturing is carried out in Italy.

La Sportiva Hiking Boots Made in Italy


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find which specific hiking boot lines the company makes in Italy. But for those wanting to find out more, here’s a link to the company’s contact page.

The friendly staff over at La Sportiva are always more than happy to help and would gladly let you know which of its hiking boots are Italian-made. Here’s a link to the company’s product page for those wanting to have a look at some of its hiking boots.


Scarpa was founded in 1938 in Asolo, Italy. Since its inception, Scarpa has always been focused on producing sporting footwear and accessories. Its footwear lines range from running shoes and climbing shoes to mountaineering footwear and hiking boots.

Like most large companies, Scarpa has opened up manufacturing facilities in a few different countries. Scarpa manufactures products in Romania, Serbia, China, and Italy. According to the company’s LinkedIn profile, around 70% of its production is carried out in Italy.

Scarpa Hiking Boots Made in Italy


Luckily, Scarpa has made it easy to find out which of its products are made in Italy. All of Scarpa’s hiking boots have a country of origin section in the specifications of each product. So each of Scarpa’s Italian-made products are clearly labeled as such.

Scarpa Hiking Boots Made in Italy 2


Don’t worry, you won’t have to sift through each item to find out which products are Italian-made, I’ve done the boring work for you! Here are some of Scarpa’s Italian-made hiking boots for you to check out.


Zamberlan was founded in 1929, it is an Italian bootmaker company that is renowned for its high-quality, durable, and long-lasting boots. Since its inception, the company has been manufacturing its products in Italy. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Pievebelvicino di Torrebelvicino, Italy.

Zamberlan Hiking Boots Made in Italy


I couldn’t find any evidence showing that Zamberlan manufactures any of its products outside of Italy. According to the Image above, Zamberlan’s high-end styles are all hand-crafted in Italy, so I’ll be focusing on the high-end boot styles.

Zamberlan Hiking Boots Made in Italy 2


Here are a few of Zamberlan’s hiking boots for those wanting to take a closer look.


Aku was founded over 40 years ago by Galliano Bordin. It is an Italian-born company that was founded in Montebelluna, Italy. Today, 100% of the company’s products are made in Europe.

The company manufactures products in three different countries. It has a facility in Montebelluna, Italy, this is where its headquarters is located. It has another facility in Cluj Napoca, Romania, and one in Simanovci, Serbia.

Aku Hiking Boots Made in Italy


The company has a contact page, if you are interested in purchasing a pair of Aku hiking boots then I’d recommend getting in touch and asking which of its models are manufactured at its Italian facility. Here are a couple of links to the men’s and women’s hiking boots.


Finishing off this section we have Fitwell. Fitwell dates back to 1979. It is an Italian outdoor shoe and boot company that manufactures 100% of its hiking boots in Italy. Over the years the company has perfected the art of manufacturing high-quality footwear for hiking, climbing, and more. It has footwear for almost every outdoor activity you can think of.

Fitwell Hiking Boots Made in Italy


Fitwell has sold its products in over 20 countries and thanks to its growing popularity the number of countries that sell Fitwell products will only increase.

For those wanting to have a look at some of Fitwell’s hiking boots, here is a link to the company’s hiking boot product page.

Honorable Mention

I came across a company that does manufacture hiking boots in Italy, however, details were few and far between on this one so it gets an honorable mention.


Garmont was founded in 1964. It is a producer of high-quality hiking and mountaineering footwear and it’s based in Veneto, Italy. It is a fairly small company when compared to some of the other brands on this list, it has less than 50 employees. Despite being a fairly small company, it is a well-known brand among hiking and climbing fans.

Initially, I thought that Garmont is solely an Italian manufacturer, but I came across an article reviewing some of the company’s military boots that states that some of its military boots are made in Vietnam.

Garmont Hiking Boots Made in Italy


I then came across another source stating that Garmont manufactures products in several different countries, this includes Italy. So from what I was able to find, it seems like the company manufactures products in a few countries.

So, while it does make some of its products in Italy, there was no indication as to how much of the production is carried out there.

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  1. Italian made Hiking Boots have never disappointed me. I have used Vasque for many years and although the Mountaineer hiker was a bit heavy, I knew I could trust them for stability and comfort. Whether hiking or climbing or just trail blazing, I believe that Italian is the best way to go. If it says “Made in Italy”, you can be sure it is of the finest quality leather and sole. I know that the Chinese make Vasque Now and that is Ok for many people and that is why I have changed to Zamberlan and Asolo. Sorry Folks, but I don’t do Chinese (nothing personal) when it comes to my feet.

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insights, David. Very interesting. I will look into Asolo and will potentially add them to the article if it checks out.


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