Hedge Trimmers Made in USA (4 Brands)


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The U.S tends to import a lot of products from other countries in an attempt to save money. But you may be surprised to learn that a few companies make some of their hedge trimmers in the USA. So, let’s take a look.


Which Brands Produce USA-Made Hedge Trimmers?

Several brands produce some of their hedge trimmers in the USA. Those brands are STIHL, Makita, Husqvarna, and Swisher.

These aren’t the only companies that make their trimmers in America, but the other companies I came across were small businesses. Not big enough to be able to ship their products throughout the country. Therefore, not big enough to go on this list.

Now that we know the brands of hedge trimmers made in the USA, let’s get into the specifics.

Hedge Trimmers Made in the USA – A Closer Look

Each company on this list manufactures at least some of their hedge trimmers in America. However, out of the four entries on this list, only one is a company founded in America.


Starting this list, we have STIHL, pronounced ‘steel’ just in case you didn’t know! A German company founded in 1926, STIHL has become a globally recognized power tool company and one of the most popular power tool companies in the U.S.

STIHL manufactures a lot of its products in America. Employing over 2000 workers at their factory in Virginia, STIHL makes millions of power tools every year.

Not all of their products are made in the USA. STIHL has manufacturing plants all over the world. China, Australia, Brazil, Germany, and more. But let’s focus on the hedge trimmers made in the USA.

The models of hedge trimmers that STIHL manufactures in America are the FS 56 RC-R, FS 40 C-E, FS 50 C-E, and the FS 56 C-E.


Makita is a Japanese company, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t manufacture products in the U.S. When Makita was founded back in 1915, it was originally called Makita Denski Seisakusko, but thankfully it has since been shortened to Makita!

Makita has facilities in Georgia, Texas, and Nevada. They claim to make their products in the U.S, although I was only able to find one hedge trimmer with proof that it is made in America. That is the Makita 24.5cc Gas Powered Line Trimmer.

That’s not to say that they don’t manufacture other products in the U.S. It was just the only one I could find that is definitely American-made.


Husqvarna is a Swedish company founded in 1689, although they weren’t manufacturing power tools back then! It used to be a weapons manufacturer. Then in 1872, they transitioned into kitchen devices before moving over to making power tools in 1959.

Husqvarna has a large facility located in Arkansas. This particular facility specializes in making chainsaws and hedge trimmers. Some of the models made in the U.S are the Husqvarna Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer, the Weed Eater String Trimmer, and the Weed Eater Featherlite.

Husqvarna also has manufacturing facilities in France, China, Sweden, Germany, and a few other places. Husqvarna has a broader range of hedge trimmers than what I have showcased above, but there wasn’t much information about where some of the other models are made.

As a side note, Husqvarna now owns McCulloch, a former American-based power tool company. Unfortunately, McCulloch will not get their entry on this list since they are no longer an independent entity. Sorry McCulloch!


Finishing off this list, we have Swisher, an American brand founded back in 1965. Located in Missouri, Swisher design, manufacture, and ship products directly from within the U.S making them one of the few large hedge trimmer brands that exclusively work inside America.

Since all of their hedge trimmers are made in the USA I’ll just list some of their best sellers. But keep in mind, if it’s Swisher, then it’s American-made.

We have the Swisher E4-HT4000 Articulating Hedge Trimmer, Swisher E4-4000 Bushcutter, the Swisher E4-E3000 Lawn Edger, and the Swisher E4-S4000 Trimmer.

Gas Hedge Trimmers Made in the USA

A lot of hedge trimmers are powered by batteries or electricity. But if you prefer something more powerful then that’s no problem. Here’s a list of gas hedge trimmers made in the USA. You may notice that some of the items on the list below are also mentioned above. Unfortunately, there are not many products to choose from when it comes to American made gas powered hedge trimmers.

  • Makita 24.5cc Gas Powered Line Trimmer
  • Swisher E4-HT4000 Shindaiwa E4 24.5cc 4-Stroke Engine Commercial Grade Articulated Hedge Trimmer
  • Swisher E4™ 24.5 cc Hedge Trimmer

What’s the Difference Between Made in the USA and Born in the USA?

Upon researching American-made hedge trimmers, I stumbled across several companies who label their products as ‘Born in the USA’. This is a bit misleading as it doesn’t mean they are made in America. All it means is that either the company is American or that a small part of the manufacturing took place in America.

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  1. Are the made in U.S.A. hedge trimmers made with 100% parts made in U.S.A. or are some of the parts imported and the hedge trimmer is assembled in the U.S.A?

    • Hi Michael, thank you for your comment. We are an independent website, so our information comes from doing our own research. I couldn’t find a direct answer for you regarding all of the companies. However, I’ve done some more research for you and found out more about each company:

      STIHL – This company does rely on globally sourced components as you can see in the link I’ve attached.

      Makita – Unfortunately, the company is somewhat secretive regarding its specifics, so I couldn’t find out much for you on that one.

      Husqvarna – They didn’t really have much information regarding specific components. I did, however, find a contact page which I’ve linked to here just in case you want to reach out to the company directly.

      Swisher – I went back and had another read through its website, it doesn’t explicitly say that all of its components are American made. Here’s a link to the company’s contact page if you wanted to get in touch with them directly.

      I hope that some of the information above proves useful. Thanks again for your comment.


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