Heating Pads Made in the USA (Do They Exist?)


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Heat pads are great for helping soothe aches and sore muscles. Almost every household has some kind of heating pad. But what about American-made heating pads? Do they exist? Well, I’ve done the research to find out.


Do Any Brands Manufacture Heating Pads in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After a thorough dive into American heating pad manufacturers, I could only find 1 company that offers them. That company is Thermophore.

American Made Heating Pads (What My Research Turned Up)

Now that we know which company offers American-made heating pads let’s look at it in more detail.


Thermophore was founded in 1931. It is owned by Battle Creek Equipment Company. Battle Creek is a sports and health equipment manufacturer which fits in nicely with Thermophore’s muscle aid products.

The company is based in Fremont, Indiana. This is where it manufactures the majority of its products. Being an American manufacturer is something that the company is very proud of and it doesn’t look like it will change its manufacturing location any time soon.

Thermophore Heating Pads Made in USA


However, It’s worth noting that not all of its products are American-made. Some of its heat pads are actually made in China. But luckily, Thermophore clearly labels its products to show where they are made. Here are some of the company’s American-made heating pads.

A Question For The Readers

Since I could only find one company that offers American-made heat pads, I feel like I should ask if anyone knows of any other companies that belong in this article.

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