Hammocks Made in Mexico (I Looked for Them)


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The tropics of Cabo and Cozumel definitely make you imagine a hammock swinging from palm trees while you enjoy a cocktail on vacation. Mexicans are known for their crafts and weaving and their hammocks are a great testament to what can be made.

Traditional Mexican-made hammocks are not like American hammocks in that they usually use very thin cord or string and weave sturdy hammocks through the bulk of material rather than the strength of individual cords.


Which Companies Sell Hammocks Made in Mexico (The Short Answer)

After perusing for a while and dreaming about a tropical vacation, I found 6 different brands that still produce Hammocks in the USA. Those are Breezy Point, Hamuhk, MacaMex, Made in Mexi.co, Mayan Legacy, and Style Mexican. These companies span the globe but Mexico and traditional craftsmanship are the two things that they all have in common.

Mexican-Made Hammocks (6 Brands to Choose From)

Many of the companies that I have found are actually headquartered abroad and sell to foreign markets but produce their products in Mexico, either for cultural heritage reasons or a desire for the unique craftsmanship that is found in Mexican weaving.

Breezy Point

Breezy Point Hammocks Made in Mexico

Breezy Point is one of the first companies that I wandered across while looking for a Mexican-made hammock. It has no website and its products are sold exclusively through third-party vendors like Amazon, eBay, and Sears. Breezy Point handmakes all of its hammocks in the Yucatan using traditional methods to provide an income to local indigenous populations. These are some of the most accessible hammocks manufactured in Mexico if you live in the United States as Amazon will deliver them to you from their Mexican warehouse in just 2-3 business days.

It is one of the few companies on the list that uses a blend of materials to produce its hammocks as staff use cotton for the parts that you lay on but nylon for the supporting straps for strength. One of the major drawbacks of 100% cotton hammocks is the stretch and distortion that you always get over time.

I have listed the two models that are sold on Amazon but there are a few other models sold occasionally on Sears and other vendors’ websites.

Breezy Point Mayan Mexican Double Hammock

Breezy Point Mayan Mexican Nylon Jumbo Hammock


Hamuhk Hammocks Made in Mexico

Hamukh is a Canadian company that sells primarily to the Canadian market, but all of its products are hand-produced by indigenous Mayan weavers in Yucatan, Mexico. This is one of my favorite companies on the list because it is a Fair Trade member, and the only B Corp Certified company on this list.

For those who aren’t aware, B Corp Certification indicates that a company operates transparently, is legally accountable to all stakeholders (and not just shareholders), and demonstrates high social and environmental performance.

Hamukh has declared that it is committed to pursuing the alleviation of poverty and gender inequality through its business model. As such, its hammocks (100% of which are woven by hand) are produced by native Mayan weavers in Yucatan, Mexico.

This is significant because indigenous Mexicans still face discrimination today, and it is often difficult for them to find gainful employment. Additionally, 90% of the weavers Hamukh employs are women.

Hamukh has been sourcing its hammocks from Mexico since 1989. Many of its hammocks are specifically made in Teabo, Yucatan, Mexico, and the surrounding area. The company’s most popular hammock, The Thin Hangout Chair, is made by just 30 master weavers.

Thin Hangout Chair – Navy

Thick Lounger Hammock – Multi Colour


MacaMex Hammocks Made in Mexico

MacaMex is a European company that uses Mexican craftsmanship and history to bring you some of the laciest and finest hammocks that are on this list. Many of its hammocks look nearly see-through because of the delicate nature of thousands of thin cords.

This does make them very lightweight but at the same time, you have to be careful not to get them knotted or tangled. Never leave one of these hammocks out in a storm and put them away very carefully to avoid getting a giant knot – like with Christmas tree lights.

If you buy MacaMex, you don’t have to wonder where your purchase came from, because 100% of MacaMex’s hammocks are handmade in Mexico. MacaMex is headquartered in Tulln an der Donau, Austria where it caters to the European market almost exclusively.

Below I have listed  2 of the company’s most relaxing-looking products – a vibrant yellow mesh hammock and a nice soft-padded hammock chair. I could relax for a nice afternoon in either of them.

MacaMex Siesta Grande Double Plus Yellow

MacaMex SoftChair Hot Chocolate FSC™ quilted hanging chair red

Made in Mexi.co

Made in Mexi.co Hammocks Made in Mexico

Made in Mexi.co was founded in 2018 to promote Mexican artisans and crafts on the global stage. They hire weavers from across Mexico for their various products and its hammocks are produced in Guadalajara, Jalisco, by a family-run business.

Because these hammocks are all made by hand they are all guaranteed to be unique in some way whether the weave pattern is a bit different or the dye patterns.

Although it is a new company, Made in Mexi.co has made a name for itself as a culturally conscious brand that promotes the history of the culture where its products come from rather than simply stealing the culture for its own profit.

The company mainly focuses on knit clothing and blankets but it offers 2 hammocks on its website. They come in single and double options and I have listed them both below for you.

Mexican Garden Hammock – Single Hammock

Mexican Garden Hammock – Double Hammock

Mayan Legacy

Mayan Legacy Hammocks Made in Mexico

This company was founded in 2002 by Alicia Gambley Gasque, a Mexican woman with a passion for Mexican handicrafts, and her Australian husband, Paul. Their company is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, but employs Mayan artisans based in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Although their target retail market is in Australia they preserve Alicia’s heritage while also supporting the local area that she grew up in.

Mayan Legacy produces 100% nylon hammocks which are rare on this list as well as high-end 100% cotton resort hammocks. The nylon hammocks are great for damp climates like Brisbane where they are sold, and are mold resistant while also maintaining vibrant colors for a long time. I have linked both of these below.

Super Nylon Mexican Hammock in Cream Colour

Resort Mexican Hammock with Fringe in Cream

Style Mexican

Style Mexican Hammocks Made in Mexico

Like most of the other companies on this list, all Style Mexican hammocks are woven by hand in Yucatan, Mexico. Style Mexican employs several hundred families to produce its finely-crafted hammocks, which are woven almost entirely of cotton cord—the only non-cotton fibers that are used at all is nylon for the end strings!

Style Mexican’s headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada and its primary market is the west coast of Canada and the Pacific Northwest of America. The company is Fair Trade certified which means that it uses ethical materials and labor and does not exploit local or underprivileged citizens of another country.

Style Mexican provides a few things that other companies on this list do not. The company makes the largest hammock on the market which, if photos are to be believed, holds 5-6 adults at a time. The other thing that it makes that is worth a look is a nice Hammock chair with comfortable cushioning for anyone that does not like narrow ropes digging into the back of their knees. I have included links to both of these options below.



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