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Golf shoes might not be an absolute must-have for golf players in the same way as clubs or golf balls, but if you want your feet to stay planted exactly where you put them—even in wet grass—then golf shoes are quite important. In this article I’m going to be introducing you to companies that produce golf shoes in the United States. Or rather, a company, as you’ll see below.


Which Companies Sell Golf Shoes Made in America? (The Short Answer)

Unfortunately for American consumers, there is only one company that produces (or produced) golf shoes in the United States. That company is Allen Edmonds. There are additional complications, which I will lay out below.

American-Made Golf Shoes (1 Brand to Choose From)

It might surprise you to learn that there is only one truly American company that has golf shoes on offer. It certainly surprised me! After all, the United States is a hotbed of golf companies. You can find dozens of companies that manufacture golf carts, golf bags, and golf clubs in the United States. And yet, for some reason, golf shoes apparently just don’t make the cut.

Let’s have a look at what I was able to find.

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds Golf Shoes Made in USA

Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation was founded in Belgium, Wisconsin in 1922 by one Elbert W. Allen. As the name suggests, the company was dedicated to manufacturing shoes from its inception. The firm did not enter the golf market until 2011, however.

Now, I do have bad news: I’m pretty sure the company has stopped producing golf shoes. There are no longer any golf shoes listed on its website. Fortunately, you aren’t out of luck just yet: You can still buy some Allen Edmonds golf shoes ‘new’ from third-party websites like Amazon.

The only model that I was able to find for sale is the Redan shoe. These shoes are named after one of the holes at the West Links in Scotland. They are water resistant, constructed with a saddle-style design, have a full leather lining, and are available in four colors.

Allen Edmonds owns and operates a 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility at 201 East Seven Hills Road, in Port Washington, Wisconsin. It also operates an outlet on location, so you can buy shoes directly from the manufacturer.

Allen Edmonds Men’s Redan Golf Shoe

Brands that people think are made in America

You might have done some of your own research and thought, “Aha!” after you found several other American companies that produce golf shoes. Unfortunately I have to be the bearer of bad news here: these companies do not actually manufacture their shoes in the United States, even though they are headquartered there.

Unless you find an obscure shoe company that I couldn’t find after quite a lot of deep digging, it really does seem that your only option for American-manufactured golf shoes is the Redan shoe by Allen Edmonds.


Skechers is an instantly recognizable name to anyone who has ever lived in America. They are wildly popular in the United States, and the company is headquartered there, too!

Skechers headquarters is located in Manhattan Beach, California. Skechers does make a wide range of golf shoes, but the company’s shoes are made by independent contractors in China and in Vietnam, not by American workers.


Personally, I had never heard of it, but Footjoy is another American company. This one was founded in 1857 and is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. As far as I can tell, Footjoy has never actually produced any of its shoes on American soil.

The firm’s golf shoes were originally produced in England. As has been the case with many companies, Footjoy found it more cost-effective to outsource its manufacturing operations to Asia and, later, to Mexico, where the majority of its shoes continue to be made.

Nike Golf Shoes

While it is true that Nike used to produce shoes in the United States, like so many others, it moved manufacturing overseas to China and Vietnam. Currently, the directors are working on moving manufacturing back out of China due to increasing costs in the country.

Unfortunately for you, they won’t be bringing manufacturing back to the United States. Instead, they are outsourcing to other countries in Asia.

Alternatives With High Quality

Lambda Golf Shoes

If you aren’t overly concerned with your golf shoes being produced in America, you might consider buying from Lambda Golf Shoes. Lambda is headquartered in Europe and specializes in producing premium golf shoes. The firm uses biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable materials in its golf shoes, including very high-quality leather and cork. As is standard, these golf shoes are also waterproof.

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