Freezers Made in the UK (Do They Exist?)


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Nowadays, it’s hard to find a product in the UK that wasn’t made in China. But what about freezers and fridge freezers? Are there any being manufactured in the UK? Well, in this article I’ll be looking for freezers and fridge freezers that are made in Britain.


Are there any Brands That Sell Fridge Freezers or Freezers Made in the UK? (The Short Answer)

I found a couple of brands that somewhat meet the criteria for this list. However, both of the brands I found are a little secretive regarding the exact whereabouts of their manufacturing. Those companies are Belling and Caple.

Fridge Freezers and Freezers Made in the UK (What My Research Turned Up)

Let’s break this down and have a look at each company in more detail.


Belling was founded in Enfield, England in 1912. The company is a well-known and well-liked British electrical appliance brand that produces everything from ovens and microwaves to washing machines, fridge freezers, and freezers.

I wasn’t able to definitively prove which of Belling’s products are made in the UK. According to the company’s website, Belling tries to manufacture its products in the UK whenever possible. There wasn’t much more information other than that.

Belling Fridge Freezers Made in UK


The company offers three different freezer models. I looked at each product’s specifications and wasn’t able to find a manufacturing location. So, before buying one of these products, get in touch with the company and ask where its freezers were manufactured. If anyone has that information then please comment below so that we can keep this article up to date.


Caple was founded in 1995 in Bristol, England. It is a household appliance company that produces everything from sinks and taps to refrigerators and freezers. The company’s sole aim is to offer affordable, high-quality kitchen and home appliances that are built to last.

As for its manufacturing, things get a little complicated. Whilst the company does manufacture at least some products in the UK, several reputable sources have claimed that the company’s products are manufactured all over the world.

So before diving in and committing to a purchase, I’d recommend reaching out to Caple directly and asking if the model that you have your eye on was made in the UK. For those wanting to take a look at the company’s freezers and fridge freezers, here’s a link to its product page.

Caple Frigde Freezers Made in UK


Fridge Freezers and Freezers that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in Britain

I came across one company that at first glance I mistook for a British manufacturer. However, upon closer inspection, this wasn’t the case. Here’s what I found.

LEC Refrigeration

LEC Refrigeration was founded back in 1942 near Bognor Regis, England. It is a British company and almost every resource I came across labeled this company as a British manufacturer. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

While it’s true that perhaps some of the company’s manufacturing takes place in the UK, the vast majority of the manufacturing is carried out in China. I was only able to find out this information by downloading a couple of the company’s product manuals.

Toward the bottom of the product manuals that I downloaded was a little section entitled “Country of Origin,” in that little box it stated that the products came from China.

LEC Refrigeration


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