Faucets Made in Canada (4 Brands)


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Faucets are something you never really think about…until you need to buy one. But what if you want to support the Canadian economy when you do? I’ve done all of the research here so you don’t have to! Just keep reading and you’ll find out which companies sell faucets that were manufactured in Canada. There aren’t many companies that do so, but there are some.


Which Companies Sell Faucets Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

After extensive research, I found 4 different brands that still produce faucets in Canada. Those are Blanco, Rubinet, Taymor, and Valley Acrylic. These companies produce everything, from basic models to top-of-the-line works of art, so you can be sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

Canadian-Made Faucets (4 Brands to Choose From)

There are surprisingly few companies that manufacture faucets in Canada. Or perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised? It has, after all, been such a huge trend these past decades to move manufacturing jobs abroad to cheaper countries like Taiwan, China, and Thailand. Nevertheless, there are options.


Blanco Faucets Made in Canada

Blanco was founded in 1925 by Heinrich Blanc, and today is a force to be reckoned with. The company boasted sales totaling 483 million euros in 2021. It employs 1,647 full-time employees, the majority of whom work in the company’s home country, Germany.

Blanco Canada is the company’s Canadian subsidiary. It consists of two facilities and employs 100 employees. Blanco Canada mainly produces sinks, but it does also manufacture and provide faucets to North America.

Blanco has put a lot of effort into understanding exactly what people need in a kitchen sink. There is nothing worse than trying to wash or fill a large pot and not being able to fit it easily under the tap. Both of the models listed below have no problems like that.

The first is a fully commercial-style sink with a flexible hose so it has no limitations and the second is a more modern approach to the same issues.




Rubinet Faucets Made in Canada

Unlike Blanco, Rubinet is a Canadian company through and through. It’s based in Concord, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1982, Rubinet Faucet Company provides an extensive array of faucets and other accessories, so you’ll have no shortage of options to choose from if you purchase from this firm. You’ll also benefit from a lifetime warranty on function and finish if you purchase one of its products.

Rubinet is a small boutique manufacturer so there is not much known about the company yet but as a niche manufacturer it is not constrained by popular opinion. I began seeing mentions of Rubinet just last year, and its website is currently down.

The company’s faucets sold through other retailers look quite nice though so I have listed 2 of them below. The first is a classy faucet with an art handle and the second is actually a pot filler but it is a faucet in that you definitely get water out of it in the kitchen.

Rubinet Nouveau Single Control Kitchen Faucet

Rubinet H2O Wall Mount Pot Filler


Taymor was founded in 1948 by Jake Zalkowitz. The company factory is located in Delta, British Columbia, Canada, and the business has been family owned and operated since its founding years. Taymor produces a range of products, including locks, safety bars, and—of course—faucets, along with other hardware for both household and commercial use.

As near as I can tell, Taymore focuses its business on high-tech locks these days, but it still has a firm grasp in the faucet market, so I have listed both a very traditional and a more modern faucet for your viewing pleasure below.



Valley Acrylic

Valley Acrylic Faucets Made in Canada

Valley Acrylic Bath, Ltd. was founded in 2008, and it is another exceptionally small company on my list. It’s a bit hard to tell, but it looks like it has fewer than 30 employees! The company’s headquarters is located in Mission, British Columbia, Canada, and its only manufacturing plant is located there as well. They are probably in the same building, but your guess is as good as mine on that front.

Thanks to a British-style privacy law, finding location information on people or even sometimes companies in Canada is nearly impossible. Valley Acrylic is a female-owned and run company which, in this industry, isn’t something you run into terribly often.

Valley Acrylic Bath is in partnership with Urban Impact and with CIPEC (Canadian Industry Partnership for Conservation). The former provides customized recycling services in the Vancouver and Calgary regions, while the latter is an organization whose stated purpose is to assist companies in cutting costs, improving energy efficiency, and generally reducing its climate footprint.

Valley Acrylic is known for its craftsmanship and most of what it makes feels more artistic than utilitarian. Below, I have listed 2 of its faucet models that I think would fit most modern homes. One is a waterfall faucet which is every child’s favorite and the other is a faucet that feels like it is trying to jump into your sink.



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