Dumbbells Made in the USA (5 Brands That Sell Them)


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Purchasing dumbbells is an excellent way to keep fit, build muscle and get stronger. Whether it is for a home workout or for a gym, all-American dumbbells are manufactured with quality materials. Here’s what I found on dumbbells manufactured in America.


Brands That Sell Dumbbells Made in America (The Short Answer)

After lots of research on dumbbells made in America, I discovered five different companies that manufacture their products in the US. These companies are Iron Grip, Golden Cast Iron, Micro Gainz, Biggins Iron, and Weight It Out.

Iron Grip

Iron Grip began producing and selling dumbbells back in 1993. Over the last 30 years, Iron Grip has taken over the fitness industry by producing top-of-the-range dumbbells. The groundbreaking and innovative grip-based design sets these dumbbells apart from others.

At the core of Iron Grip’s beliefs, it is a priority that all of its dumbbells are manufactured in the USA. Its facilities and engineering exceed expectations and put them above the rest. Iron Grip uses advanced materials from America. This, combined with excellent workers produces the quality dumbbells that the company sells.

Iron Grip Dumbbells Made in USA

Image Source: https://irongrip.com/made-in-the-usa/

Here is a list of some of the all-American dumbbells that Iron Grip sells.

Goldens’ Cast Iron

Goldens’ Cast Iron is a company that specializes in selling products made from cast iron. The business began in 1882 and was founded by John Poitivent Golden and Theodore Earnest Golden. It has been passed down through five generations.

The company is proud to be all-American throughout. The first manufacturing facility, which still operates today, is in Columbus, Georgia. In 2007, Goldens’ extended its manufacturing facilities, opening a second location at Cordele, Georgia. Golden Cast Iron was a part of the ABC News series ‘Made in America’.

Goldens’ Cast Iron Dumbbells Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.goldenscastiron.com/made-in-america-abc-news/

Here is the page for Goldens’ Cast Iron dumbbells that are manufactured in America.

Micro Gainz

Micro Gainz was founded in 2016. Its dumbbells were created by an entrepreneur that recognized the need for dumbbells with ‘fractional weight plates,’ making it easier to progress with the dumbbells.

Not only are Micro Gainz’s products convenient for anybody that uses dumbbells, but all of the dumbbells sold are manufactured in America. The facility is located in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, right in the owner’s hometown.

Micro Gainz Dumbbells Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.microgainz.com/

Below is a list of Micro Gainz’s American-made dumbbells.

Biggins Iron

Biggins Iron aims to provide premium-quality dumbbells for athletes, beginners, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Biggins Iron shares blogs to provide workouts to go alongside the dumbbells that are sold to its customers.

The entirety of Biggins Iron’s products is manufactured in America. It handles the whole manufacturing supply chain, making the dumbbells 100% American-made. This means that the company only sells dumbbells manufactured in America with American materials.

Biggins Iron Dumbbells Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.bigginsiron.com/

Below are some of the dumbbells that Biggins Iron manufactures and sells in America.

Weight It Out

Weight It Out aims for excellence and craftsmanship with all of its products. The vision of the company is to design convenient dumbbells for home gyms, commercial gyms, and personal use for all your fitness goals.

Weight It Out wishes to keep small businesses thriving by keeping American manufacturing sustainable, whilst providing fitness gurus or beginners with high-quality products. The dumbbells are made with industrial steel, making them feel authentic. The manufacturing takes place in the Midwest of America.

Weight It Out Dumbbells Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.weightitout.us/

Here’s a couple of Weight It Out’s American-made dumbbells.

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