Drill Bits Made in the USA (Are There Any?)


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Whether it is for casual DIY projects or business use, a drill is a pretty helpful tool that almost anyone can use. But you can’t operate a drill without drill bits. But are there any drill bits made in the USA? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Which Companies Produce Drill Bits Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

It came as a pleasant surprise to find out that there are actually a few companies that manufacture drill bits in America. They are KnKut, Norseman, Montana Brand, and Triumph.

American Made Drill Bits (What My Research Turned Up)

Now that we know which companies produce American-made drill bits, let’s look at each one in a little more detail.


KnKut is a proud American company that was founded in 1996. Its drill bits are very well known thanks to their durability. KnKut uses high-grade molybdenum high-speed steel to craft its pieces, also, all of its drill bits are salt nitride treated which makes them a lot stronger than some after ones out there.

Being an American business is something that KnKut takes very seriously. The company manufactures all of its drill bits in the USA. The only address I could find for this company was a place in Loganville Georgia. I feel it’s safe to assume that this is where its manufacturing takes place.

KnKut Drill Bits Made in USA


KnKuts offers single drill bits as well as entire drill bits sets, all of which are American made. Here’s a link to the company’s single drill bit page, and here’s another to its drill bit sets.


Norseman is an American business that’s been going strong since it was founded back in 1951. It is a well-known brand in the US and it is seen as one of the most reliable drill bit companies out there. Its products are very well known for being durable, efficient, and long-lasting.

Norseman is a very proud American manufacturer. It manufactures its drill bits at its 74,000-square-foot facility in St. Paul, Minnesota. That said, its materials come from various global sources.

Norseman Drill Bits Made in USA


For those wanting to take a look at some of Norseman’s drill bits, here’s a link to its product catalog. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see a way of purchasing products directly from Norseman’s website. Instead, you’ll either have to get in touch with them to order or purchase from trusted sites like Amazon.

Montana Brand

Montana Brand is a proud American power tool accessory company. I wasn’t able to find out a great deal about the company’s history, just that the company was born in the USA and it remains in the USA to this day.

Montana Brand’s manufacturing facility is located in Ronan, Montana. From what it looks like, all of its products are manufactured here. Here’s a link to the company’s drill bit page.

Montana Brand Drill Bits Made in USA


Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, Montana Brand doesn’t ship orders overseas. So, if you want to purchase some drill bits from this company then you’ll need to be in the US to do so.


Triumph dates back to 1952. It has always been a company dedicated to producing high-quality drill bits. As for its manufacturing, it looks like its main manufacturing facility is located in Minnesota.

Triumph Drill Bits Made in USA


While its website proudly states that its products are American made, the company does have distribution facilities located in Canada and Mexico City. Whether any manufacturing takes place at these locations is unclear.

I was able to find a handful of Triumph drill bits on Amazon, and each one I found stated that it was made in the USA. So it does seem like the majority of its manufacturing does take place in the US. Just double-check before making a purchase by looking out for a little made in the USA flag in the product’s description.

Triumph Drill Bits Made in America


For those wanting to have a look at Triumph’s drill bit selection, here’s a link to its product page. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can order a product directly from its website. Instead, you’ll need to either visit a store or order through a trusted site like Amazon.

Honorable Mention (Possibly)

There’s one company that didn’t quite qualify for the list above. While it looks like the company in question manufactures all of its products in the US, I came across a few different sources stating otherwise.

Since there was a fair amount of conflicting information regarding the company, I felt it best to give it an honorable mention. If any readers out there have more information, then comment below as we like to keep our content up to date.

Drill Hog USA

Drill Hog USA is a very well-known brand, especially in the US. The company’s primary focus is drill bits. From tap and die sets to left-handed drill pieces, Drill Hot USA has it all.

While it does look like this company is an American manufacturer, I found some information that makes things a little less clear. So, I’ll start with all the information stating Drill Hog USA is an American manufacturer, then I’ll go into the stuff against it being an American manufacturer, and then you can decide for yourself.

On Drill Hog USA’s website, it is plastered with USA flags, even down to its packaging. You immediately know that this is an American-founded company. On some of its products, it has the phrase “Proudly Made in The USA.”

Drill Hog USA Drill Bits Made in USA


However, not all of Drill Hog USA’s products have the proudly made in the USA label. Also, I found multiple forums and reviews left by disappointed customers stating that Drill Hog USA’s products are actually made in China. Here’s one site that I found containing a discussion regarding Drill Hog USA’s manufacturing location.

Overall, I can not say for certain whether this company produces drill bits in the US or not. So, now that you have all the relevant information, you can make your own decision based on what you think. If there are any readers out there who know more about Drill Hog USA’s manufacturing then leave a comment below as we like to keep our articles up to date.

Drill Bits that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being USA Made

I came across one brand that people seem to mistake as being an American manufacturer. Here’s what I found.

Irwin Tools

Irwin Tools was founded in Martinsville, Ohio in 1885. It has been in the tool business since its inception and it is a pretty well-known brand all around the world. It manufactures everything from screwdrivers and pipe wrenches to saw blades and drill bits.

While it’s true that Irwin Tools does produce some of its products in the US. It has moved most of its production to China in recent years to keep its prices competitive. I found numerous third-party sites that have Irwin Tools as an American drill bit manufacturer, but this just doesn’t seem to be the case.

After checking out a few of its different drill bits, I couldn’t find a single American-made drill-related product. Here’s just one example of what I found.

Irwin Tools Drill Bits Made in USA


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