Dog Treats Made in Canada (Are There Any?)


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Many companies produce dog treats, but not all companies get them right. Quality food for your dog is essential for overall health and keeps your furry friend happy. Purchasing natural dog treats made in Canada helps to ensure top quality and safety for your pet. Here is an article on Canadian-made dog treats.


Brands That Sell Dog Treats Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

After much research, I found five companies that produce and sell dog treats in Canada. The five companies are Foley Dog Treat, Nutrience, DuraPaw, Dog Delights, and Milly & Me.

Foley Dog Treat

Foley Dog Treat is a Canadian-based dog treat company in Vancouver. Premium nutrition is a core focus at Foley Dog Treat, making the health and well-being of your dog its number one priority. The food is high in protein, vitamins, and fiber alongside many other micronutrients. Foley Dog Treat believes that treats are key to rewarding behavior and increasing obedience in your pet.

Recyclable packaging is always used as Foley Dog Treat chooses to be a green business. Using Canadian materials for packaging reduces the number of landfills. All of the treats are produced with natural ingredients, meaning they will cause no stomach upsets for your pets. Foley Dog Treat can ensure every treat is all-natural and made with premium ingredients as it makes its dog treats on Vancouver Island.

Foley Dog Treat Made in Canada

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Here is a list of Foley Dog Treat’s natural dog treats made in Canada.


Nutrience is a dog treat company with a specific focus on pets that struggle with nutrition. A whole line of products is dedicated to pets with anxiety, food sensitivities, and weight problems. This line with special formulas can be viewed here.

A blend of “world-class” ingredients from Canada is used for every single product line. Nutrience strives to sell only the best dog treats for canines of every kind. Nutrience’s dog treats are produced in Canada, and the company controls every aspect of the ingredient list. This guarantees healthy yet tasty treats for your pet.

Nutrience Dog Treats Made in Canada

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Below is a list of the Canadian-made dog treats that Nutrience sells.


DuraPaw was founded by Bailey Sparkes and Marc Ferland. The pair are extremely passionate about dogs and entrepreneurship. The company benefits dogs of all breeds and sizes. Every DuraPaw product goes through revisions on durability. DuraPaw offers a personalized delivery service for your dog, ensuring that your dog is always happy with what they receive.

All of DuraPaw’s dog treats are 100% Canadian-made. Although it does not specify, the treats are manufactured by “trusty vendors in Canada”.

DuraPaw Dog Treats Made in Canada

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Here’s a list of healthy Canadian-made dog treats by DuraPa.

Dog Delights

Dog Delights is committed to food quality and safety. Throughout all of its processes, Dog Delights takes time to implement the food safety program under the Global Food Safety Initiative. According to the Food Quality and Safety page, Dog Delights were given a Level 2 food safety certification.

Dog Delights believes that abiding by all food safety programs reaps many benefits for your canines. Using fresh ingredients, combined with safe production creates healthy and tasty treats. Dog Delights proudly manufactures all of its treats in Canada.

Dog Delights Dog Treats Made in Canada

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Below is a list of Dog Delights’ dog chews made in Canada.

Milly & Me

Milly & Me was founded by Jessica, a dog enthusiast and owner of two dogs, in 2016. Being a pet enthusiast, Jessica understands what makes pets the happiest and healthiest. Jessica adopted her dog, Milly, and noticed she had a sensitive stomach. Jessica discovered that the dog food she was giving Milly was unnatural junk and had chemicals in the ingredients list.

As a home-based business, all of Milly & Me’s dog treats are handcrafted in Canada. Every recipe uses locally sourced ingredients, making them stand out from the rest.

Milly & Me Dog Treats Made in Canada

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Milly & Me’s natural dog treats homemade in Canada can be seen here:

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