Dog Leashes Made in the USA (What’s Out There?)


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Dog leashes can be a complicated purchase for several reasons. It can be uncomfortable for your dog, it can allow your dog to pull or it may not be reliable when it is needed the most. Having an American-made dog leash is better for the environment and it can have a positive impact on product quality. In this article, I will be looking at dog leashes made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Dog Leashes Made in America (The Short Answer)

After lots of research, I found five different companies that manufacture dog leashes in America. These five companies are Signature K9, Cycle Dog, Found My Animal, Tactipup, and Brilliant K9.

Signature K9

Signature K9 was founded by Matt Akenhead. Matt has won 40 titles with eight different dogs in dog competitions. Signature K9 sells a wide range of tested products. Matt’s business produces high-quality and durable equipment for dog handlers and trainers in the military and police.

All of Signature K9’s leashes are American-made. Using high-quality leather suitable for dog training, some of the products are crafted by Amish craftsmen in America.

Signature K9 Dog Leashes Made in USA

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Signature K9’s leather dog leashes made in the USA can be viewed here.

Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog is a female-owned business that was founded in 2009. It is a small dedicated team of 30 makers and 10 dogs. Every leash and other dog product is manufactured using only high-quality, earth-friendly materials. Each order is specifically made for that customer. Cycle Dog has prevented millions of tubes and bottles from ending up in landfills across America. Dog testers are used throughout the manufacturing process in order to create superior products that dogs love.

Cycle Dog manufactures all of its products in Portland, Oregon. The owners would rather spend money on locally sourced materials and local job opportunities than outsource for both of these. With highly skilled workers and local and natural materials, Cycle Dog is 100% USA-made.

Cycle Dog Leashes Made in USA

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Here is a list of Cycle Dog’s natural and eco-friendly all-American dog leashes.

Found My Animal

Found My Animal produces some of the world’s most efficient leashes. As a company, it has a passion for crafts and an excellent knowledge of materials due to the owner having a background in being a fisherman. Each leash is produced with military-grade strength, making every leash highly durable and reliable.

Every single Found My Animal dog leash is manufactured and produced by hand in the company’s New York studios. In the description of every single leash, it states the manufacturing and design process is in New York.

Found My Animal Dog Leashes Made in USA


Here’s a list of Found My Animal’s all-American dog leashes.


Tactipup was founded in 2017 and is a family-owned and operated business based in Clearwater, Florida, USA. A wide range of dog products are made to order by the family and the leashes are made to order. Tactipup is incredibly proud to be an all-American company. Every single product is crafted using high-quality American materials and is made by local employees.

Tactipup Dog Leashes Made in USA

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Below is a list of some of Tactipup’s American-made dog leashes.

Brilliant K9

Brilliant K9 aims to produce dog products that are superior to others on the market. These leashes do not restrict your dog. Each leash allows for comfort and fun with your dog. The website has a quiz, in order to match up your dog with the perfect product, which is an example of Brilliant K9’s commitment to creating the perfect matching leashes for your dog.

The manufacturing process only allows American design and quality craftsmanship for every single product. There is a seven-year guarantee with every custom-made order and every product is manufactured in the USA. The facility is located in Lucas, Ohio.

Brilliant K9 Dog Leashes Made in USA

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Here is a link to Brilliant K9’s custom-made American dog leashes.

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