Dog Collar Made in the USA (5 Options)


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Trying to find the right collar for your dog can be difficult as there are many problems that owners face. Dog collars are often too big or small, leading to discomfort for your dog or they are not durable and break too quickly. Here is an article on quality dog collars made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Dog Collars Made in America (The Short Answer)

After lots of research, I found five different companies that manufacture dog collars in America. These companies are Paw Paws, The Artful Canine, 2 Hounds Design, All Star Dogs, and Auburn Leathercrafters.

Paw Paws

Paw Paws was launched in 2003 by Anne Nutter. At Paw Paws there is an artistic focus on the design of the collars. The expressiveness of the design makes this company stand out amongst the rest. It is recognized as a distinct and special product line in the field of dog products.

Every year, Paw Paws is rapidly growing and continues to innovate unique dog collar designs for every furry friend that requires one. High-quality products and great customer service are factors that keep Paw Paws’ growth constant.

The manufacturing facilities are located in Greenville, South Carolina. Each product is handcrafted for buyers and specialty dog shops across the US. Making each product by hand ensures each collar is made with care and passion, which also guarantees quality.

Paw Paws Dog Collars Made in USA

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Here is a list of Paw Paws’ hand-made all-American dog collars.

The Artful Canine

The Artful Canine has been crafting dog collars since 2009. Premium quality is the focus for all of The Artful Canine’s dog collars. Every collar sold has clear signs of quality from the stitching and the hardware to the strong fabric. Each product has a 1-year guarantee as The Artful Canine is confident in its manufacturing.

This company aims to produce comfortable, fashionable, and affordable dog collars that dog owners can rely on. The Artful Canine’s team is full of experts that sew and construct every product each day. They take pride in what they do. Every dog leash is made in Venice, Florida.

The Artful Canine Dog Collars Made in USA

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Below is a list of The Artful Canine’s American-made dog collars.

2 Hounds Design

2 Hounds Design create dog collars that suit the personality of every single dog breed. There is an entire page dedicated to sizing information for your canine with clear guidance. 2 Hounds Design is committed to creating collars that provide comfort for your dog whilst being dedicated to efficiency at the same time.

All of 2 Hounds Designs’ products are manufactured in America. Each collar gets produced with quality material and careful craftsmanship.

2 Hounds Design Dog Collars Made in USA

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Here’s a list of 2 Hounds Design’s dog collars that are manufactured in America.

All Star Dogs

All Star Dogs was founded over 20 years ago and has provided collars for over 1 million dogs in America. Many pet stores and boutiques supply All Star Dogs’ products.

Environmental responsibility is a priority in the manufacturing process, with the facilities working towards improving each area to take steps towards eco-friendliness. The entirety of All Star Dogs’ products is USA made. Each pet product meets the company’s incredibly high standards of comfort and functionality.

All Star Dogs Collars Made in USA

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Here is the website for All Star Dogs’ wide range of American-made dog collars.

Auburn Leathercrafters

Auburn Leathercrafters was founded in 1950. It is a family-owned and operated business that spans three generations. The family’s philosophy is that quality products, built to last, can assure customers that they will never be disappointed. Combine this with the company’s expert employees and you got premium-quality dog collars.

The manufacturing process takes place in the Fingers Lakes Region, Central New York State. Constructing every product in America has been maintained throughout the business’ years and ownership. Auburn Leathercrafters is incredibly proud to call itself an all-American company, manufacturing in America and providing jobs for the local economy.

Auburn Leathercrafters Dog Collars Made in USA

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Below is a list of Auburn Leathercrafts’ all-American dog collars.

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