Dog Bowls Made in the USA (Plenty To Choose From?)


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Having a high-quality dog bowl is important for both the pet and the owner. The sizes of dog bowls need to vary for the many different breeds of dogs and how much food they need. Also, many dog bowls break too easily or move around whilst your dog is trying to eat. Here I will be looking at dog bowls made in the US.


Brands That Sell Dog Bowls Made in America (The Short Answer)

Through lots of research, I discovered three different companies that manufacture and sell dog bowls in America. These three companies are Basis Products, WeatherTech, and West Paw.

Basis Products

Basis Products was founded in 2012 by a man and his dog, Ono. When the owner began his journey with his furry friend, he felt responsible for another life. Ono proved to have many problems. Chewing its paws and rubbing its muzzle. This sent the owner on a mission to find only the best products for his pet, to prevent these worrying issues.

In the dog products industry, there was a lack of product information and quality standards. So, the owner quit his job and set up Basic Products to provide quality products for dog owners.

Basis Products aim to give customers and their pets what they deserve. Only the best raw materials are used to create each product, with great manufacturing only in the USA. Not only are the products made with the best materials in the USA but they are charged at a fair price.

Basis Products Dog Bowls Made in USA

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Here is the web page for Basis Products’ stainless steel dog bowls made in the USA.


WeatherTech is a company that sells handy products for multiple fields, such as cars, homes, and pets. Pet products are made with only the best materials and are designed to treat customers’ pets to only the best types of bowls for feeding and drinking. For years, WeatherTech has been designing high-quality products whilst constantly innovating to the highest level.

Owner David MacNeil believes that manufacturing and selling products in America is crucial for many reasons. Firstly, this gives local jobs to hard workers in the local economy. By manufacturing in America, MacNeil can guarantee that each section of the process is ethical, abides by human rights laws, and does not harm the environment. Only the best materials and cutting-edge technologies are used by highly skilled laborers in the US.

WeatherTech Dog Bowls Made in USA

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Here is a list of WeatherTech’s American-made dog bowls.

West Paw

West Paw aims to bring joy, comfort, and happiness into the lives of dog owners and their pets. The company wants you to be your “dog’s best friend”. West Paw only wants to produce and sell products that your dog will love, by following the rule of what dogs generally enjoy. Every dog bowl sold by West Paw can be returned if it does not live up to your expectations and standards.

West Paw is proudly a certified B Corp company that manufactures in America. The facility is located in Bozeman, Montana, and always follows steps to ensure your dog’s bowls are safe and healthy. CEO Spencer Williams, states that the company’s work is to use its business to help enjoy a healthy and green planet.

West Paw Dog Bowls Made in USA

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This is a link to West Paw’s American-made dog bowl that is sold in four different colors.

Honourable Mentions

After lots of research, I came across a company that appeared to be all-American. When I searched the website further, it transpired that some of the company’s products are manufactured elsewhere. This can happen due to the cost of producing in America being a little too expensive for small businesses.

Dylan & Rrainey

Dylan & Rainey is run by an owner of two dogs. The company was founded when there were not enough suitable products for her pet dogs and she decided to start Dylan & Rainey. As a small business, every single effort is put into being eco-friendly with both product materials and packaging. Each product, where possible, is packaged using recyclable materials.

However, being a small business, the costs of manufacturing everything in the US can be significant. After researching the firm’s website, it clearly states that very few products may be manufactured outside of the US. But, the company is transparent with each of these products and explains the reasons behind the manufacturing process happening externally.

Dylan & Rrainey Dog Bowls Made in USA

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