Compasses Made in the USA (I Did Some Research)


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A reliable and accurate Compass is an essential piece of equipment for hiking in the great outdoors and many other activities. So, whether you are a gentle stroller walking through the countryside or an all-action orienteering team member, an accurate and reliable compass will serve as your trustworthy Northstar.

You want to be sure that the compass you buy will be an accurate guide to get you to your destination, so you will need a high-quality, tough, and reliable instrument.


Which Companies Sell Compasses Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

I was able to track down five companies that manufacture quality compasses in the USA. They are Tru-Nord, Track of the Wolf Inc, Brunton Company, Cammenga LLC, and Countycomm.

American Compass Manufacturers (Here’s What I found)

Now that we know which companies manufacture compasses in America, let’s look at each one in a little more detail.

Tru-Nord Compasses

Tru-Nord Compass Company operates out of premises in Brainerd, Minnesota. The Company was formed in 1944 and produces a top-quality pocket compass along with three other models.

All its compasses are sold with a lifetime warranty and are specifically compensated for the locality where the compass will be used.

The Compass is made from solid brass and has a full direction information dial protected by a Lexan lens. You can have a look at this beautiful compass here. It is a great example of a quality pocket compass made in the USA.

Track of the Wolf Inc.

This Company produces and markets a replica compass combined with a sundial so you can get your bearings and check the time simultaneously.

The solid brass instrument is beautiful and you can have a look at it here. The production and marketing of compasses make up just a small part of the activities of Track of the Wolf Inc as it primarily manufactures Gun Kits.

Track of the Wolf premises is located about 35 miles northwest of Minneapolis. You can view directions to its location here.

Track of the Wolf Inc. Compasses Made in USA

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While the compass is marketed as ‘Made in the USA,’ there is no detail about the locality where the compass is manufactured.

Brunton Company

D.W. Bruton was a Canadian mining engineer who was a prolific inventor of survey instruments, including improvements to compass design. Originally the Ainsworth Company of Denver produced around 30 000 ‘pocket transits’ in the 1920s.

Over the last century, the ownership of the company migrated to Scandinavia. However, two years ago, it returned to being solely American-owned and now operates out of Riverton, Wyoming.

Brunton Company Compasses Made in USA

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The Company produces twenty different compasses. It strongly emphasizes meeting the requirements for serious outdoor and orienteering activities and continuously updates its product range. See here their current range of compasses. Brunton Company has a worldwide network of distributors.

Cammenga LLC

Cammenga LLC is a family-owned Company operating out of Dearborn, Michigan. The company manufactures six compass models and two wristwatch-type compasses. You can have a look at its range of compasses here.

Cammenga is the largest producer of military compasses and manufactures survival kits and knives. Its military compasses contain a Tritium micro-light feature that provides illumination for twelve years without the need for recharging.

The Company also produces two pink-colored compasses and donates a portion of the selling price to support the fight against breast cancer. Have a look at an example of this wonderful gesture here.


Countycomm only sells excess inventories on its website. Its primary market is federal, state, and local governments. But its compasses are available to buy for regular consumer use.

It produces an extremely wide range of products but has only one type of compass, which it sells as a two-pack package.

The Company was founded in 1995 and has its headquarters at 1290 Kifer Road  Sunnyvale, California. They only have an online sales service and no retail outlet.

Details of the actual manufacturer of the compass only reveal that it is a Government Contractor. The compass is described as a ‘thumb-tac’ compass, and you can view it here.

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