Coffee Makers Made in Germany (6 Options to Look At)


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With around 517 million cups consumed each day in the US, coffee is the most popular beverage in America. But what most people don’t know is where their coffee makers come from. In this article, I’ll be looking into coffee makers made in Germany.


Companies That Sell Coffee Makers Made in Germany? (The Short Answer)

I was able to find 6 different German made coffee maker brands. They are Ritterwerk, Krups, Tchibo, Rommelsbacher, Walküre Porcelain, and Braun.

Looking for a German Made Coffee Maker? 6 Brands to Check Out

Now that we know which brands produce German made coffee makers, let’s take a look at each company in a little more detail.


Ritterwerk is a German household appliance company that was founded in Gröbenzell, Germany in 1905. Ritterwerk is known for being the first company to develop knife cleaning machines. However, the company also produces a couple of coffee makers.

Ritterwerk manufactures a line of coffee machines, the Coffee Machine Pilona 5 line. It comes in three different colors, black, white, and red. Also, for those out there who prefer instant coffee, Ritterwerk produces a line of kettles.

Ritterwerk’s coffee machine line came out in 2015, making it one of the youngest coffee makers on this list. But just because the company is relatively new to the coffee maker market doesn’t mean that its machines aren’t good.

Ritterwerk’s coffee maker range has won international awards. This includes a Home Style Award in 2017.

Just like with all of Ritterwerk’s products, its coffee machines are all made at its facility in Germany. Its facility is located in the same place as its Headquarters, Gröbenzell. So, no matter what Ritterwerk product you buy, you can be certain that it’s made in Germany.



Krups was founded in 1946 in Solingen, Germany. It is a kitchen appliance company that produces everything from waffle makers to coffee machines and everything in between.

Krups started manufacturing coffee makers back in 1961 when it released the ONKO coffee machine. Since then the company has gone on to produce multiple lines of high-quality coffee makers.

Here are some of the coffee makers produced by Krups for those who are interested in taking a closer look at some of the company’s products.

As for manufacturing, Krups produces most of its products at its factories dotted around Germany. Krups does also have a factory in China that manufactures some of the company’s lower-priced products. However, I couldn’t find any coffee makers produced at its facility in China.



Tchibo was founded in 1949 in Germany. Its headquarters is located in Hamburg, Germany, and this is also where most of Tchibo’s manufacturing takes place.

Tchibo specializes in producing coffee machines. In fact, the name Tchibo is German for coffee beans. The company produces world-renowned coffee beans, and it also produces a very popular coffee maker.

Its coffee maker is called The Tchibo. I was able to find a handful of other coffee maker products on Tchibo’s UK-based website, however, I was unable to confirm whether or not their products are produced in Germany.

As for The Techibo, it is manufactured at the company factory in Hamburg, Germany. Tchibo has over 1000 shops worldwide, and it is also one of Germany’s largest retail chains, so you know it’s a brand you can trust.


Rommelsbacher was founded in 1927. It is a German based company that still produces all of its products in Germany today. All of Rommelsbacher’s manufacturing takes place at its manufacturing facility in Dinkelsbuht.

Rommelsbacher produces a wide range of household appliances, this includes a nice selection of coffee makers. Here are a couple of Rommelsbacher’s coffee makers for those who want to take a closer look.

Rommelsbacher has accumulated numerous awards and accolades over the years for its high-quality products. This includes being the receiver of the prestigious Bavarian SME Business Award.

As mentioned, all of Rommelsbacher’s manufacturing takes place at its facility in Dinkelsbuht, Germany. So, you know that whatever you buy from Rommelsbacher, it’s made in Germany.

Walküre Porcelain

Just as a little disclaimer, this company produces old-fashioned coffee makers, not electrical ones. Nonetheless, a coffee maker is still a coffee maker!

Walküre Porcelain is a German company that produces all of its products at its facility located in Varel, Germany. It makes high-quality porcelain products, this includes two coffee makers: the Karlsbad Coffee Maker and the Bayreuth Coffee Maker.

Braun (Possibly)

Finishing off this section we have Braun. Before getting into this entry, I was unable to identify which of Braun’s coffee makers are produced in Germany, so check with the seller before making a purchase.

Braun is a German founded electrical company that is best known for producing high-quality electric razors. It was founded in 1921 in Frankfurt, Germany by Max Braun.

Over the years Braun has produced a wide range of products. From clocks and toothpaste to irons and coffee makers.

As mentioned above, I was unable to find which of Braun’s coffee makers are produced in Germany with 100% certainty. The only information I could find states that its coffee makers are produced in China and at its headquarters in Kronberg, Germany. For those who want to take a look at Braun’s coffee makers, here’s a link to the company’s product page.


German Coffee Maker with Grinder – Have a Look at These

For those who are looking for a German coffee maker with a built-in coffee grinder, I’ve got you covered. Here are a couple of options.

Coffee Machines that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being German Made

As I was looking into German made coffee makers I came across a company that I initially mistook as a German manufacturer. So, let’s look at what I found so you don’t make the same mistake as I almost did.


Miele is a domestic appliance company that’s based in Germany. Whilst almost all of Miele’s products are manufactured in Germany, upon further investigation, it turned out that this isn’t the case for its coffee makers.

I found several articles stating things like, “Every Miele appliance is made in Germany.” But, Miele’s coffee makers are actually manufactured in Switzerland.


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