Chainsaws Made in Japan (4 Brands You Should Look At)


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With most power tool companies outsourcing production to China, finding a high-quality chainsaw made in other countries can be challenging. In this article, I am going to go through chainsaws that are made in Japan.


Which Brands Offer Chainsaws Made in Japan? (The Short Answer)

After doing some research, I found 4 brands that produce Japanese-made chainsaws. They are Shindaiwa, Echo, Zenoah, and Tanaka.

Japanese-Made Chainsaws (Here’s What I Found)

Now that we have the names of the companies that produce Japanese chainsaws, let’s look at each in more detail.


Shindaiwa was founded in 1952 in Japan, although it wasn’t until 1955 that Shindaiwa released its first line of chainsaws. Since then, Shindaiwa has become a well-known and trusted power tool brand.

Shindaiwa manufactures a wide range of products across three different countries – China, Japan, and the US. Although, according to the Shindaiwa website, its chainsaws are built in Japan.

Shindaiwa produces many different lines of chainsaws. This includes the following:



Shindaiwa is manufactured by Echo. The reason why Shindaiwa has its own entry is that although the products are produced by Echo, the products for both companies are different.

Echo was founded in 1972 and is owned by Yamabiko Corporation of Japan. It has always been a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality power tools, and this includes an extensive range of chainsaws.

The manufacturing takes place in the same places as Shindaiwa. From what I could gather, most, if not all, of Echo’s chainsaws are manufactured in Japan.

Echo’s chainsaws are well known for being high-quality reliable tools that are built to last. This is clear to see by the company’s many awards and accolades that it has picked up over the years. This includes a Dealers Choice Award and several Pro Tool Innovation Awards.

As mentioned, Echo produces an extensive range of chainsaws, so instead of listing each one individually, here is a link to the company’s chainsaw page.


Details were a little vague on when the company was founded. A quick Google search will tell you that it was founded in 2007, however, according to the company website, the Zenoah brand has been going for almost 100 years.


Upon closer inspection, it seems like Zenoah joined the Husqvarna group in 2007, hence the confusion. Putting that aside, Zenoah is a Japanese-founded company that manufactures its products in Japan.

There may also be a Zenoah manufacturing facility in China, however, I couldn’t find confirmation of that. For those who would like to take a closer look at Zenoah’s product range, here is a link to its chainsaw page.


Finishing off this list we have Tanaka. This Japanese company was founded in 1918, although it was an ironworks factory back then. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the company changed direction and started manufacturing outdoor power tools, including chainsaws.

Tanaka is the smallest company on this list and information is hard to come by. But I was able to find out that Tanaka produces its chainsaws in Japan.

There are a few sites out there that claim that Tanaka’s products are made in China. However, Tanaka’s UK-based website, states that its products are made to a very high standard in Japan.


As for purchasing a Tanaka chainsaw. Aside from the UK-based website, it seems like you would have to order a chainsaw through Amazon or another trusted sales site.

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