Can Openers Made in the USA (3 Options)


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We have all had the experience of a can opener failing miserably in doing its job. Despite our best efforts, the tin remains closed as we struggle with a can opener that seems to have met more than its match in a tin that stands between us and starvation.

At home, when the opener fails, we reach for a knife and dangerously pry open the can. But, out camping, a can opener that doesn’t make the grade can turn a happy camping trip into a disaster.

So, to keep the hunger pangs at bay, read on as I look at some of the best American-made can openers on the market.


Brands of Can Openers Made in the USA (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I was able to find 3 brands that manufacture can openers in the USA. They are The Edlund Company, the John J, Steuby Company, and the OHSAY Company.

American Can Opener Brands (Here’s What I Found)

Now that we know which brands manufacture can openers in the USA, let’s take a look at each one in a little more detail.

The Edlund Company

The Edlund Company began making quality kitchen equipment almost a century ago. Its manufacturing plant is in Burlington, Vermont. Its range of can openers is aimed at the commercial market. It produces a range of high-quality manual can openers for commercial kitchens and a two-speed electrical opener.

While the company mainly manufactures commercial-grade can openers, a couple of its models can be used by large families who need a reliable can opener that will last for a very long time. Here’s a link to its product page.

The Edlund Company was purchased by the Italian Ali Group in 2010. The Ali Group has diversified interests in a broad spectrum of industrial and catering equipment worldwide.

While the manufacturing process is 100% USA-based, some materials may be sourced from outside the USA.

John J, Steuby Company

Voted as one of the best hand-operated can openers by several sources, the John J. Steuby Company makes the Ez-Duz-It Can Opener in Hazelwood, Missouri.

The John J. Steuby Company is a family-run business that started in the early 1960s in the Midwest. It manufactures can openers under the Ez-Duz-It brand.

The Ez-Duz-It can opener rates itself as the ‘Best Can Opener Made’ and the vast majority of reviews substantiate the claim.

The Ez-Duz-it Can Opener is made at its 144,000-square-foot Steuby plant in Missouri and is available with red, black, white, or blue colored handles.


The OHSAY USA marketing program lists this can opener as the ‘only opener made in the USA.’ – it then goes further to say that US steel is utilized in manufacturing the opener.

The OHSAY mission is to source and support products manufactured in the USA and, where possible, utilize domestic material sources. You can have a look at its can opener by clicking here.

Companies That Used to Manufacture Can Openers in the USA


One of the brands considered to be US-based was Farberware, a firm that produces an extensive range of kitchen equipment, including can openers. The Meyer Corporation acquired Farberware in 1997 and began to expand the Farberware production line to China, Brazil, and Thailand.

Farberware started manufacturing kitchen equipment over a century ago and continues to produce high-quality kitchen items in the USA.

The product range produced in the USA is limited to its premium range of pots and pans, and the remainder of its products, including can openers, are now made in China and Brazil.

You can view its range of products here.

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