Binoculars Made in Japan (Are There Any?)


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Binoculars have been around since the early 1800s. These days, modern binoculars offer near-perfect visual quality and even various zoom functions. But what about Japanese-made binoculars? Are there any? Well, that is what I’ll be covering in this article.


Which Companies Make Binoculars in Japan? (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I found 1 company that sells binoculars made in Japan. That company is Nikon.

Japanese Made Binoculars – More About The Brand

Now that we have our Japanese binocular manufacturer, it’s time to take a deeper dive into the company behind the brand.


Nikon was founded in Tokyo in 1917. It is a very well-known company and it’s one of the most popular optics and imaging companies in the world. Nikon is one of the leading manufacturers of binoculars and it makes products for professional use as well as regular consumer use.

Being such a large company, Nikon manufactures products in facilities dotted all around the world. When it comes to its binoculars, not all of them are made in Japan. While Nikon’s high-end binoculars are made in Japan, the rest of its binoculars are developed and manufactured in China, Thailand, and Laos. This information comes directly from the reliable website optics-trade, so you know it can be trusted.

Nikon Binoculars Made in Japan


Nikon is no stranger to awards, the company has picked up numerous awards and accolades over the years for its high-quality binoculars. This includes Red Dot Awards, Good Design Awards, iF Product Design Awards, and many more. Here’s a link to all of Nikon’s awards.

Luckily, Nikon has information on its website regarding the manufacturing locations for some of its models. One of the lines that the company manufactures in Japan is the MONARCH HG line. Here are a few of them for you to take a look at.

That’s not all either, as mentioned above, Nikon’s high-end binoculars are primarily made in Japan. This includes most lines of MONARCH binoculars.

Honorable Mention

There was one brand that didn’t quite make it to the list above. This is because I couldn’t find much evidence from the company itself regarding its manufacturing. Here’s what I found.


Founded in 2004 in the US, Vortex has become a popular brand among bird watchers, climbers, and train spotters alike. Its products are durable, of great quality, and very reliable overall.

Vortex doesn’t just manufacture binoculars, it also manufactures rifle scopes and various other optical-based items. Its manufacturing locations are a little tricky to narrow down. But, from what I was able to find, it looks like the majority of Vortex’s manufacturing is carried out in China and the Philippines.

That said, it does have a manufacturing facility in Japan. I found a handful of sources stating that Vortex manufactures its high-end binoculars in Japan, however, I was unable to find concrete proof of this so it gets an honorable mention instead.

For those wanting to check out some of Vortex’s binoculars, here’s a link to its product page.

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