Beds and Bed Frames Made in Canada (I Did Some Research)


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If you’re going to get a good night’s sleep, you are for sure going to need a good bed frame. The perfect bed frame will match your personal sense of style. It’ll complete your bedroom decor. But where are you going to get a bed frame?

If you live in Canada, you might decide you want to get a Canadian bed frame so you can benefit your local economy. In this article, I’m going to tell you about all of the companies I found that sell bed frames that were manufactured in Canada.


Which Companies Sell Beds and Bed Frames Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

It’s taken me a little while—I had to do a lot of research—but I’ve managed to find 8 different brands that produce beds and bed frames in Canada. The companies that produce beds and bed frames in Canada are Birchwood, Handstone, Huppé, In Element Designs, Palliser, Sahara, and Woodcraft. In this article, I’m going to tell you about each of these companies in detail.

Canadian-Made Beds and Bed Frames (7 Brands to Choose From)

With 8 companies to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a bed frame that will go perfectly with the rest of your bedroom decor. The companies I’ve listed here cover a wide range of prices, from the ultra-cheap to the ultra-expensive, and they cover a wide range of styles, too, from the super traditional to the extra modern. Read on to learn more!


Birchwood Beds Made in Canada

Birchwood Furniture is a family company located in Calgary, Canada. It is currently operated by Marilee and Bryan. The company was founded in 1978 by their father, Willy, who emigrated from what is currently Ukraine (then the Soviet Union) to Canada when he was 17 years old.

Birchwood Furniture established the Birchwood Furniture Galleries in Calgary in 2009. The company has committed itself to the local production of its wares—all of the furniture it produces is manufactured at the company factory itself, in Calgary. Birchwood Furniture has succeeded in lowering its CO2 emissions by adhering to this principle.

I’ve chosen three products from Birchwood Furniture which I think really showcase its style. The second link is the odd one out—if you browse through the catalog, you’ll find that this firm generally has a rustic style. Simple and unadorned, but beautiful nonetheless, especially if you pair it with the right decor.

Unfortunately there are no prices listed on the website, nor does there appear to be any way to buy from this company directly. It looks like you’ll have to go to a furniture store in Canada if you want to buy one of these bed frames.





Handstone Beds Made in Canada

Handstone was founded in 1999 as a single-person enterprise and has since then expanded to the family-owned manufacturer of custom wooden furniture that it is today. Custom is the key word here—Handstone staff pride themselves in being able to deliver furniture that is tailored to your specifications.

Like many of the companies on this list, Handstone does its part to reduce its impact on the environment. It states on its website that it uses solar power for heat and electricity generation, and that it also recycles solvents. That’s the kind of commitment to environmentalism that I love to hear about!

If you browse through the company’s selection—or even if you look only at the samples I’ve linked to here—you’ll see that the beds all have an extremely square style. Nothing but straight lines and right angles here, folks! It seems solid enough, even though I personally wouldn’t say that it is my style.

It’s notable that if you purchase from Handstone, you will get a 10-year warranty on the furniture you buy.

Cumberland Bed w/Upholstered Headboard w/high Footboard

Contempo Platform Bed

Brooklyn Canopy Bed


Huppé Beds Made in Canada

Huppé was founded by Raymond Hamel, Aurèle Huppé, and Sylvio Huppé in 1967. The company was originally dedicated to the production of cedar chests, which it sold throughout Canada. The company merged with Vic Design in 1987 to become Huppé de Victoriaville.

In 2010, Huppé was purchased by Jean-François Nolin. All of the furniture produced by Huppé is crafted by hand at its production facility in Victoriaville, Quebec.

Huppé’s beds have a very distinctive style. These beds are characterized by a simple shape and design, with a general lack of adornment. They also all stand extremely close to the ground, with only a few inches of clearance. Bold colors seem to be generally avoided.




In Element Designs

In Element Designs is the newest company on my list. It was founded less than twenty years ago, in 2003. This company is based in British Columbia and is run by Japanese immigrants to Canada. The founder, Himali Kuwabara, moved to Vancouver at just 16 years of age. It was in British Columbia that she studied fashion and business entrepreneurship, and she credits the experience she gained during those studies as helping her achieve her current position at In Element Designs.

Seiji Kuwabara is the company’s designer. He moved to British Columbia in 1991 and describes himself as entirely self-taught. He has been responsible for the design and production of more than 380 original furniture and lighting designs.

In Element Designs only has two beds in its catalog. These are some of the more unique beds that you’ll find in this list—there is unmistakable influence from the Japanese art tradition in both of these. I personally quite like the Konoma Original Bed. I think it has the potential to complement a wide range of styles while still providing something unique to your sleeping area.




Palliser Beds Made in Canada

Just like many of the companies on this list, Palliser is a family-owned operation that has been in operation for 78 years. The company was founded in rural Manitoba in 1944.

Palliser has explicitly committed itself to environmentalism. It sources as much of its raw materials as possible from North America (and Canada, specifically), and takes active steps to reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint.

Palliser has pledged to end its use of styrofoam by the end of 2023. For the labor-conscious among us, Palliser has also declared that it supports fair wages and positive working conditions for all, as well as promoting a good quality of life, so this is definitely a pro-worker company.

From all of that, it certainly sounds like there are plenty of companies around the world that should step up their game.

Palliser’s beds are sleek and simple, yet eminently fashionable. They tend to have very high headboards and sit fairly low to the floor. The beds come in all kinds of colors, but in general, gaudy or loud colors are generally avoided.

Vineyard Bed

Arbor Bed

Lurre Bed


Sahara Beds Made in Canada

Sahara Furniture was established in Abbotsford, British Columbia in Canada in 1996. This is one of the cheapest options on this list, as it makes heavy use of plywood. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to dig up any additional information on this company. As is often typical of Canadian companies, information on Sahara Furniture is scarce and hard to come by.

I had a bit of fun picking out the beds to showcase from this company! The Garibaldi bed is notable for its blocky farmhouse look. The Kitsilano bed, despite its crisp lines and sharp angles, conveys an air of refinement that would make it suitable for even the finest bedrooms!

Meanwhile, the Silhouette bed makes a visual punch. With its wacky contours, it is almost as if it leaped from the pages of a Dr. Seuss book.

Garibaldi Bed

Kitsilano Bed

Silhouette Bed


Woodcraft Beds Made in Canada

Woodcraft was established in 1974 in an old barn at Markham Road and Steeles Avenue. The founders developed their business model and were a significant presence in the Canadian furniture market by 1980. To date, they still maintain a workshop in Markham, Canada, where they produce all of their furniture, as well as a showroom in the same city.

Their furniture is sold in stores in Whitby and Mississauga, Canada, and the company offers local delivery to southern Ontario. Shipping is possible across Canada and the continental United States.

Woodcraft makes its bed frames out of solid wood—always a plus when you’re going for quality (even though it might hit your wallet a bit heavier!). I actually really love the Parkview Bed and Floating Bed. The way the company has incorporated the side tables into the bed really works in its favor, I think. It contributes to what is overall a very pleasing visual form.

Out of the two, I’d say my own personal preference would be the Parkview Upholstered Bed, but what do you think?

Fallingbrook Poster Bed

Floating Bed

Parkview Upholstered Bed

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