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If anyone else is like me, they spend a large portion of their winter thinking about getting away to a warmer climate. Even if you are going to hit the beach in Florida or Hawaii, most people need somewhere to sit to keep the sand out of their bathing suits. I spent a few hours going down a rabbit hole while daydreaming and compiled a list of American-made beach chairs to save you some time.


Which Companies Sell Beach Chairs Made in America? (The Short Answer)

It is the middle of January as I write this so I have been thinking of going to the beach, and was looking at some things I might need. Whilst I did that, I found three different brands that still produce Beach Chairs in America. Those are Everywhere Chair, Anywhere Chair, and Vermont Wood Studios. Beach chairs have a huge range from cloth chairs to folding chairs and chaises and some companies even make folding Adirondack chairs to sit by a nice fire late at night.

American-Made Beach Chairs (3 Brands to Choose From)

There were fewer companies making beach chairs in America than I would have thought. For a country with so much coastline, I could only find 3 manufacturers that still produce on American soil. Most companies have begun producing in countries with cheaper materials and cheaper labor but I found the ones that still turn out high-quality products to be used for many years.

Everywhere Chair

Everywhere Chair, not to be confused with Anywhere Chair further down the list, was established in 1990 by Mary Sheldon in the mountains of North Carolina in the small town of Burnsville. She originally only sold her handmade chairs at craft shows and would transport an RV full of them to each show to sell. Over the years the business has expanded but it is still owned and run by Mary.

Everywhere Chair has a team of in-house seamstresses sewing every cloth cover for their chairs on sites and ensuring total quality control. They launched their website in 2000 back in the new days of e-commerce and have been expanding ever since. They now sell 2500 different products on their website.

The company built a new 7000-square-foot manufacturing facility at 188 Water Springs Hollow, Burnsville, NC in 2008. The facility is compact and manages manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and customer service. Every stage of the process is made and managed in America which is exactly what you are looking for if you are reading this list.

As stated above the firm has a very wide range of products on its website so I have listed 2 of the chairs that I think look the most comfortable, a full-length reclining beach chair and a small compact folding beach chair that is perfect for kids.

Frankford Oak Beach Chair with Detachable Leg rest

Oak Folding Mini Sand Chair

Anywhere Chair

Anywhere Chair Beach Chairs Made in USA

Anywhere Chair Company, Inc. has been building and selling high-end beach equipment including chairs for 30 years now. Anywhere Chair is the factory direct supplier of H & T Chair Company so that sales can be made directly to individuals as its parent company focuses on supplying resorts and hotels specifically.

H & T Chair Company was founded in 1967 in South Florida but it is currently headquartered and manufacturing beach furniture in Boon, NC. at a 7800-square-foot facility in the countryside.

Anywhere Chair Company was established by Mary Jane Todd to ensure that the public would have access to high-end furniture in the same way that resorts and hotels were. When she first started she only ran small advertisements in home and garden magazines but now the company has a fully established website and a list of vendors that supply these products to the public.

All of the firm’s beach chairs are relatively similar in that they are all sturdy wooden foldable frames with Thick cloth seating. They are designed to be comfortable and reclinable. I listed 2 of the most popular models below.



Vermont Wood Studios

Vermont Wood Studios Beach Chairs Made in USA

Vermont Wood Studios is a collective started by a husband and wife in Vernon, Vermont in a historic barn from the late 1800s. They founded the company in 2005 to supply the Northeast with sustainable quality wooden furniture. They do not make 100% of their own products but instead they source local craftsmen with their own woodshops to make goods that meet their specifications. They are quite thorough in the requirements that they set for their products.

I covered Vermont Wood Studios in a previous article about bookshelves but I absolutely love this company. The staff make sustainable products and have a deep commitment to environmentalism. They source all of their own hardwood timber from sustainable forest growth projects and ensure that they never buy timber from a project that damages the environment or ecosystem. They have planted more than 160 thousand trees to date as part of a reforestation effort in the Amazon and other forests that have been damaged by illegal and overlogging.

Because of their conviction and dedication to conservation, they only source timber from sustainable North American forests. The company states on its website that “the wood is harvest[ed] in a manner that protects animal habitats, [while also taking] into consideration the long-term health of the forests,” which is one of the best approaches I have seen to sustainable forestry projects.

The firm does not import any timber and in doing so has greatly reduced the shipping miles and reduced pollution created by all of its products. You can definitely find cheaper chairs made in China with wood sourced in Thailand and then shipped to the states but for me, the environmental cost of that is too great to accept just for a bargain.

All of their chairs are high quality so I have listed a chaise and a folding chair that are perfect for long warm nights at the beach.

Nautical Chaise with Arms

Classic Folding Adirondack Chair

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