Bathtubs Made in the USA (Can You Get Them?)


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Bathtubs are something that definitely feel American. Yet, for something that is so American, it is surprisingly tough to find Bathtubs that were manufactured in the United States. In this article, I will help you sort through the options for American-made Bathtubs.


Which Companies Sell Bathtubs Made in America (The Short Answer)

After extensive research, I found 8 different brands that still produce Bathtubs in the USA. Those are Boca, Carver Tubs, Delta, Magnus, MTI, The Tub Connection, Thera Tubs,  and Vintage Tub. They range from basic models to top-of-the-line to provide you with whatever you are looking for.

American-Made Bathtubs (8 Brands to Choose From)

Bathtubs range in complexity, price, and quality so there is definitely a wide range of products to choose from to make sure that your new tub fits your lifestyle. Here are the brands I found.


Boca Bathtubs Made in USA

Boca is a proud American company that makes walk-in bathtubs for the elderly and disabled. The company was founded 15 years ago to cater to an often overlooked market that needs special consideration. All of its tubs are made in Georgia and Boca only ships within the United States. All of its tubs are made from Marine-grade plastic which is the same coating that is used on high-end ships and yachts – guaranteeing that these products will never crack or fade.

Boca tubs are fully customizable in shape, size, and accessibility assistance such as grab bars and non-slip surfaces. The staff also proudly have the lowest step-in lip on a tub in manufacturing (at the time this article was written) which ensures easy access for people that are not able to lift their feet high off of the floor.

They make so many tub sizes and features that they do not offer anything as a standard model. Everything that they make is customizable so you have to build the perfect tub for you from the ground up.


Carver Tubs

Carver Tubs Bathtubs Made in USA

Carver Tubs creates standard and custom drop-in tubs for the American market. The company only does factory-direct sourcing which means that you order your tubs from the company instead of being able to buy one at a store such as Lowes or Home Depot.

Because of this business model the directors are able to cut out the middleman and offer factory-direct prices which can save you a fortune if you are building a house with multiple bathrooms. The order-to-delivery time, anywhere within the contiguous United States, is usually just 10 days so it is not something that you have to consider months in advance like some high-end manufacturers.

Carver Tubs is based in Grandview, Missouri where it has been turning out tubs for nearly 30 years. Its central location allows the firm to ship quickly across the country.

Although most of the tubs that Carver makes are relatively standard I think that the staff have a good eye for detail so I am going to include 2 that I think include nice features. The first is a drop-in tub that can be put into an alcove but also has a very high splash guard – which is great if you have children.

The second is a bit fancier and is freestanding so you can use it as a focal point or to drive up your property value for sale. It is also one of the few freestanding tubs that still has a shelf to put things on.


Graceful I 59


Delta Bathtubs Made in USA

Delta has a long history that flows very much like the American Dream. Alex Manoogian was born in Armenia in 1901 and moved to America in 1921 with just 50 dollars in his pocket to make something of himself. He saved up enough money as a machinist in an auto company to buy 2 screw-making machines and started his own screw manufacturing company. By 1936, he had made one hundred thousand dollars. That is the year that the company went public before it began its explosive expansion.

Delta is a globally known brand today and is most famous for its faucets, but the firm makes quite a few high-quality tubs. Last year it made 638 million dollars so it has the sales and reputation to back the prices that it demands for its products.

I am including an alcove insert as you find in many traditional American homes and I am also including a more high-end standalone tub. They do not have any unexpected features but they are durable and their reviews are great.




Magnus Bathtubs Made in USA

Magnus is an online retailer of home goods that does not stock fixtures or furnishings in other stores. Magnus is a relatively new player in the home furnishings game and it does import a lot of the products that it sells from its warehouse based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

However, it has a wide range of high-end tubs that are made in America to be sold in the American and Canadian markets. The company will ship anywhere within the US or Canada for just 79 dollars.

Magnus does not cater to the average market or the mass construction market. Each of the models that it sells is in some way unique in design or features. Not all of its tubs are my style but I see why it could provide a tub to fit nearly any taste.

Magnus is best known for its high-end freestanding tubs. The firm goes out of its way to build in small features that can set each design apart from its competitors.

The first tub that I am sharing with you is the one in the picture above. It is deep and has thick walls and feels a lot like a Japanese soaker tub that you find at many high-end spas. The second tub that I am including is marketed as a farmhouse tub and has thick wooden rails that run underneath it instead of standard claw feet to give it a more farmhouse feel.




MTI Bathtubs Made in USA

J.C. Henry founded the company in 1988 when he was already nearly 60 years old. This makes it a pretty young company in the plumbing or fixture industry. It has made a niche for itself with whirlpool tubs.

J.C. started his work by buying other companies’ tubs and retrofitting them with whirlpool systems but decided that he could do better if he started from the ground up. He bought a defunct tub factory in 1990 and started turning out his own designs. MTI made a name for itself for being the first whirlpool company in the world to make a self-cleaning feature that would eliminate the buildup of soap scum, which was always the biggest problem with jetted tubs.

In 2003 MTI became the first tub company to offer a lifetime warranty. This is no longer a rare or surprising feature for high-end fixtures today but at the time it was revolutionary. Competitors had to all keep up or they would fall behind drastically so the revolutionary attitude at MTI drove a lot of companies to higher standards or simply drove them out of business.

I am showing 2 models that highlight the innovation that MTI is capable of. These are not tubs that most people would ever consider putting in their homes but you could find in high-end spas, hotels, and design magazines.

The Juliet is a tub that looks like you need to get into it wearing a ball gown but it has very deep sides and will allow you to soak up to your neck easily. The Alva looks like an alien pod but allows you to get a full jet massage down the full length of your back which is great for anyone with any kind of back pain.

Juliet 185

Alva 259

The Tub Connection

The Tub Connection Bathtubs Made in USA

The Tub Connection sounds like a dating app for tubs but if that is not what you are looking for then you are in luck. The company has only been in business since 2000 but has carved out a niche in high-end bathroom fixtures and furnishings.

It has a large line of cast iron and cultured marble tubs which are both amazing in different ways. I have not seen a cast iron tub in a new home in my lifetime and now they are apparently making a comeback. Cultured marble is another thing that makes me smile because it is a human composite of marble dust and adhesive that makes something that is virtually pure marble, without the need for mining new materials or causing unnecessary pollution.

The Tub Connection does not want to deceive you about which of its products are American-made and which are not, so it has a visible tab on its website to direct you to its products that were manufactured in America. All of its American products come out of its facility in Kirksville, Missouri.

As I mentioned above the company makes cultured marble and cast iron tubs so I decided to show one of each, whether you are a modernist or a traditionalist you can be happy with this company.

68 inch Double Slipper Clawfoot Tub – Duchess

Thera Tubs

Thera Tubs Bathtubs Made in USA

Thera Tubs are something that you should look into if you are disabled, aging, or have an aging relative. These tubs have too many features to list so I am going to just cover the ones that I think are the most important to know.

They have microbubble jets that can release oxygen and a mixture of other gasses that help relieve pain and increase blood flow throughout your body. They also have a low 2 inch step to ensure that you can get in and out of the tub without any problems.

All Thera Tubs are made at a state of the Art plant in Georgia and are shipped from there. The company has ensured that there are trained repairmen and dealers in every state in the contiguous United States. So, if you need help getting or maintaining one of their tubs then you will have no trouble doing so.

Like other walk-in tub companies that ensure a tub is fitted to your space, Theratub does not sell out-of-the-box models so you have to contact the company if you would like information on its tubs. I am attaching the contact form from its website where you can get other information as well as a link to the gallery so you can see what Thera Tub can do for you.



Vintage Tub

Vintage Tub Bathtubs Made in USA

Vintage Tub has an interesting history that makes you smile just hearing about it. A broke couple at the end of the 1990s began salvaging old fixtures out of run-down buildings to save money and in 1999 they bought a warehouse to live in and run a business from.

They built a 1 bedroom apartment in the warehouse and began to sell their salvage before eCommerce even got going in earnest. After building a love for old salvaged fixtures the company began producing its own product in historic styles and still does so to this day from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania.

Most companies go for sleek and modern style or cost-effective frugality. This is not one of those companies and I love it. It is essentially a mass-production antique store where you do not have to worry about missing out on the one fixture of your dreams because the team can always make you another one.

I am including a classic high-back claw foot tub so that you can feel super fancy as well as a copper tub that would personally make me feel like an old-school gladiator trying to relax in ancient Rome.



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