Axes Made in Canada (Do Any Exist?)


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It is becoming increasingly difficult to find products that aren’t made in China. This is especially true when it comes to axes. Over the years, countless companies have up and moved production to China to reduce costs and increase production. Unfortunately, this tends to have a negative impact on product quality. In this article, I’ll be finding out if there are any Canadian axe manufacturers out there.


Which Brands Sell Axes Made In Canada? (The Short Answer)

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any companies that manufacture axes in Canada. However, there are a few blacksmiths that do produce custom axes for customers.

My Search For Canadian Axe Manufacturers (What I Found)

As mentioned above, I wasn’t able to find a single Canadian axe manufacturer. But I did find out how to get in touch with local Canadian blacksmiths who may be able to make an axe for you. Here’s what I found.

The Canadian Blacksmith & Bladesmith Directory

The Canadian Blacksmith & Bladesmith Directory is exactly what you think it is. It is a directory for those who are looking to get in touch with professional Canadian blacksmiths. It is a very new site that only opened back in 2021, but already it has become the go-to website for those looking for Canadian blacksmiths.

I’ve taken a dive into some of the blacksmiths in Canada that take orders for Canadian made axes. Here are a few for you to check out.

Bad Llama Forge

Bad Llama Forge is located in Caledon, Canada. It manufactures a wide range of products, all made to order. It takes orders for custom pieces, this includes custom axes. So, if you’re looking for a Canadian-made, one-of-a-kind axe, then Bad Llama Forge might just be the company you are looking for.

Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson is a bladesmith and blacksmith located in Toronto, Canada. It has lots of products to choose from, this includes kitchen knives and utensils to axes, it has quite a large range, especially for being such a small organization. Get in touch to discuss getting your hands on a Canadian axe.

Dawnfire Forge

Dawnfire Forge is a little different from many other Canadian blacksmiths out there. Located in Nakusp, Canada, Dawnfire Forgemanufactures its products primarily using local, recycled materials, this makes it a good option for those wanting something a little eco-friendly. It manufactures various metal art pieces, knives, axes, and more.

Black Maple Blades

Black Maple Blades is located in Wiarton, Ontario. It is a company that specializes in making handmade custom knives and axes. Whether you are looking for a practical axe for work purposes or a collector’s piece, Black Maple Blades really knows what it’s doing when it comes to making high-quality axes.

Honorable Mention

I found one company that does conduct some of its axe manufacturing in Canada. However, it looks like they are assembled in Canada, and the actual manufacturing location of its axe heads and handles isn’t all that clear.


Garant is a Canadian-based company that dates back to 1895 when it was founded in the Canadian village of Saint-François-de-la-Rivière du Sud. It used to be an independent company until it became a part of the AMES Companies.

All of Garant’s axes are labeled with a tag that says “Assembled in Canada.” As I’m sure most readers will know, assembled in and made in are two very different things. So, while its products are assembled in Canada, it is unclear whether its product components are actually made in Canada or not.

Garant Axes Made in Canada

You’ll notice in the image above that it states that Garant’s products are made with domestic and imported parts. This could mean that its axe heads and handles are made elsewhere before being brought to Canada for assembly. Because of this, I couldn’t put it on the list above as I’m not 100% certain that its axes are made in Canada. If there are any readers out there that know more information regarding Garant’s manufacturing, leave a comment below as we like to keep our articles up to date.

For those who want to check out some of Garant’s axes for themselves, here’s a link to the company’s axe product page.

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