American Made Tennis Shoes (3 Brands)


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American made tennis shoes seem like they should be hard to come by. However, there are actually a few different brands that fit this criterion. In this article, I’ll be diving into all there is to know about tennis shoes made in the USA


Which Brands Offer American Made Tennis Shoes? (The Short Answer)

Upon doing some research I was able to find a few American made tennis shoe companies. They are New Balance, SAS San Antonio Shoes, and SOM Footwear.

Tennis Shoes Made in the USA (My Research)

Now that we know which brands make tennis shoes in America, let’s learn about each brand in a little more detail.

New Balance

New Balance was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1906. New Balance has always been an American based brand. The company produces all of its products in the US at one of its five manufacturing facilities in Maine and Massachusetts.


New Balance’s first tennis shoe range came out in 1938. The company has since gone on to create a couple of lines of tennis shoes for men and women. Some of the tennis shoes that New Balance manufacture are the following:

Several external entities have recognized New Balance’s quality tennis shoes over the years, the company has won several awards, this includes being named the Best Stability Shoe by Shape Magazine.

SAS San Antonio Shoes

Founded in 1976 in San Antonio, Texas, SAS has always been a company that specializes in manufacturing handcrafted shoes for men and women, this includes tennis shoes.

This company is smaller than some other companies on this list. All of SAS’s shoes are manufactured in its factory in San Antonio, Texas. It is even possible to book a free tour around the factory so you can see how the shoes are produced for yourself.


SAS manufactures quite a large range of tennis shoes, so instead of listing them out individually, here is a link to the company’s product page.

SOM Footwear

Finishing up this list we have SOM Footwear. The company took off in 2014. It is an outdoor footwear company based in Montrose Colorado, USA. All of SOM Footwear’s products are designed and manufactured in the US, so you know that no matter what you buy from SOM, it was made in America.


SOM Footwear’s shoes are designed for those who lead an active lifestyle, they have shoes for running, climbing, and of course, shoes for tennis. A lot of SOM Footwear’s products are multi-purpose pieces, which means that their shoes are great for most activities. Here’s a link to the company’s product page.

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