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While not everyone has an air purifier, those who do swear by them. That said, getting a reliable air purifier that wasn’t manufactured in China is becoming increasingly challenging. In this article, I’ll be looking at American-made air purifiers.


Which Brands Sell Air Purifiers Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I was able to find 2 brands that produce air purifiers in the USA. They are Austin Air and Air Oasis.

American Made Air Purifiers (A List of Manufacturers)

Now that we know which brands offer American-made air purifiers let’s look at the companies behind the brands for a more in-depth look.

Austin Air

Austin Air is an air system specialist that was founded in 1990. It is a proud American company and it assembles all of its products at its 480,000-square-foot facility in Buffalo, New York.

Austin Air Air Purifiers Made in USA


The phrase assembled in and made in are two very different things. So, initially, I wasn’t entirely sure that Austin Air manufactures its products in the US. But after doing some sleuthing around, I came across a page on Austin Air’s Australian website that clearly states that the company builds all of its products out at its Buffalo facility.

Austin Air Air Purifiers Made in America


With it being a company that solely focuses on manufacturing air management systems, it’s not surprising to learn that it has plenty of options when it comes to air purifiers. However, many of Austin Air’s products are geared toward industrial use. For this list, I’ll be focusing on regular home-use air purifiers. Here are a few options for you to check out.

Air Oasis

Air Oasis is an American company that focuses on producing machines that clean and purify the air in your home. The company was founded in 2004 and its headquarters is located in Amarillo, Texas. It is at its Texas facility where Air Oasis manufactures its air purifiers.

That said, while it does manufacture its air purifiers in the US, it does clearly state on its website that some of its components come from overseas. But, Air Oasis does its best to purchase its materials and components from within the US.

Air Oasis Air Purifiers Made in USA


At the time of writing this article, Air Oasis manufactures 4 different air purifier models, which are as follows.

Honorable Mention

I came across one company that does manufacture some of its air purifiers in the US. However, its products are primarily aimed at large buildings/businesses. Here’s what I found.


Enviroklenz is an air purifying company based in Bonita Springs, Florida. It manufactures its air purifiers by hand in the USA. That said, it also has facilities in Germany, so some of its manufacturing takes place there too. But it looks like the majority of its air purifiers that are sold in the US are ones that are made in the USA.

EnviroKlenz Air Purifiers Made in USA


As mentioned above, EnviroKlenz’s products are mainly aimed toward industrial use. However, some of its smaller models seem to be the right size for regular consumer use. Here are a couple of its smaller models for you to check out.

Air Purifiers That Are Commonly Mistaken For Being USA Made, But Aren’t

I came across two companies that people seem to confuse as being American manufacturers. Here’s what I found.


Oransi was founded in 2009. It is an air quality and energy efficiency company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company prides itself in offering air purifiers that are clean, quiet, and reasonably priced.

I encountered lots of articles stating that Oransi’s air purifiers are all made in the USA, but this simply isn’t the case. A quick look through the product specs on Oransi’s air purifiers on its official website states that its products are “designed in the USA, assembled in China.”

Just to be clear, the misinformation isn’t coming from Oransi themselves, but from third-party websites. Whether this is accidental misinformation or not is unclear, but Oransi’s air purifiers are not made in the USA.

Oransi Air Purifiers Made in USA



Similar to Oransi, Levoit designs its air purifiers in the US, but it carries out the actual manufacturing at a facility in Shenzhen, China. I came across multiple third-party websites stating that Levoit manufactures its products in the US, but this simply isn’t the case.

Levoit is a part of the VeSync Co., Ltd family. This major manufacturer conducts its manufacturing in China. While this information isn’t particularly clear on Levoit’s official website, a quick look on the VeSync Co., Ltd site clearly shows that it conducts its manufacturing in China.

Levoit Air Purifiers Made in USA


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