Air Fryers Made in Germany (Do They Exist?)


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Air fryers have given people the ability to enjoy their favorite foods in a healthier way. They are a popular appliance and are slowly growing to become standard kitchen appliances. In this article, I’ll find out if there are any air fryers that are made in Germany.


Which Brands Offer Air Fryers Made in Germany? (The Short Answer)

Upon researching this topic I was able to find a brand that produces air fryers in Germany. That brand is Steba.

I was also able to find another brand that possibly produces German made air fryers. This brand is Syntrox.

German Made Air Fryers? I Found These Options

Now that we know which brand manufactures air fryers in Germany let’s take a look at it in more detail.


Steba was founded in 1919 in Bavaria, Germany. The company started by manufacturing irons and toasters before expanding into various other electrical appliances, including air fryers.

Steba is well-known for its high-quality electrical products. The company recently received the Brand of the Century award from the ZEIT publishing group.

All of Steba’s products are manufactured at its facility located in Strullendorf, Germany. This makes it the only company that I could find that definitely produces its air fryers in Germany.

Steba manufactures three air fryers. They are the air fryer HF 5000 XL, the air fryer HF 1000, and the air fryer HF 8000 Family.

German Made Air Fryers? I Found Another Option (Possibly)

As mentioned above, I wasn’t able to find much in the way of concrete proof when it came to the next brand. But I’ll show you what I found and then you can decide for yourself.


Syntrox is a German founded household appliance company. It is based in Sachsen and it is a fairly well-known company. Syntrox designs and manufactures a variety of kitchen appliances, from grill plates to air fryers and more.

I wasn’t able to find much information regarding the company’s manufacturing locations. The only thing I did find was a handful of product listings on amazon that describe Syntrox’s products as being designed in Germany which isn’t exactly much to go by.

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