Air Compressors Made in Italy (Are They A Thing?)


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While air compressors aren’t exactly an everyday item, for those who use them, quality matters. Luckily, there are a few companies that offer Italian-made air compressors. Here’s what I found.


Brands That Sell Air Compressors Made in Italy (The Short Answer)

After some research on air compressors made in Italy, I found four different companies that manufacture their products in Italy. These companies are Coltri, Gentilin, Martin Group, and Rotair Spa.

The Companies That Make Air Compressors in Italy (Here’s What I Discovered)

Now that we have found which companies manufacture air compressors in Italy let’s have a look at them in more detail.


Coltri is a company based in Italy that has been producing air compressors for 60 years. Carlo Coltri and his father, Guiseppe constructed air compressors for personal use. This was the beginning of the family business. Since then, the company strives for quality and innovation in every single air compressor produced. Over the years, Coltri has won many certifications for its productions.

As a company, it constantly researches and studies air compressors to produce only the highest quality products. Coltri sells worldwide and has sold over 70,000 products due to its “increasingly efficient production plants”. Coltri constructs air compressors that are reliable, efficient, and long-lasting.

Manufacturing the entirety of its catalog in Italy is the pride of Coltri’s work. The company believes that constructing its products externally would sacrifice the quality of the air compressors. It has an ever-growing population of workers in Italy, which is great for the local economy.

Coltri Air Compressors Made in Italy

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As a leading producer of Italian air compressors, the company has an impressively wide range of products that can be viewed here.


Gentilin was founded around 40 years ago. The website claims that Trissino, the place it was founded, is known for its “superior standards in mechatronics”. The company’s benchmark is the great quality of products in its manufacturing. The company started with brothers Giampaolo and Giuseppe Gentilin when they began making air compressors in their garage.

As the company grew, it distributed air compressors all over parts of Mediterranean Europe. Further down the line, Gentilin managed to become a global exporter of air compressors. The company is now in the hands of the second generation and is always committed to research and innovation. Gentilin manufactures all its air compressors in Italy, as the company’s slogan states “unrivaled Italian engineering”.

Gentilin Air Compressors Made in Italy

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Martin Group

Martin Group was founded by Gino Pacini in the 1960s. It has been an Italian air compressor engineering company and seller since the first development of its air compressor in 1965. This year was when the company produced its first air compressor. The company sells a range of 30 different models, all made using the best Italian technology.

The team has a great deal of experience in the engineering field and is known for being passionate about technology. Martin Group produces all of its air compressors in Italy for many different areas of work.

Martin Group Air Compressors Made in Italy

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Here is a page of Martin Group’s all-Italian air compressors.

Rotair Spa

Rotair Spa has been around for more than 50 years, manufacturing and designing a large range of air compressors. Being environmentally friendly and sticking to high ethical standards is what sets this company apart from others. Following this, alongside meeting high-standard quality and customer needs has made them a leading company in the industry.

As Rotair Spa is efficient in being environmentally friendly and producing high-quality products, it is no surprise that the company manufactures its air compressors in Italy. Although it does not specify where the location of its facility is, it states that the air compressors are produced in Italy.

Rotair Spa Air Compressors Made in Italy

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Here is a list of Rotair Spa’s Italian air compressors.

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